For mom

Mom is one of the most important people in our lives. She brought so much effort, love and care into our childhood, and we thank her so rarely for that. However, this can be changed at any time! Poczta Kwiatowa® proposes to do this by sending beautiful flowers for mother.

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Blush bouquet

A romantic composition of fifteen pink roses in an elegant vase straight to the address indicated! Tell her about your feelings that your heart hides and use for it the flowers. Send delicate pink roses meaning purity, and faithful love and expect a hu...
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Sweet surprise composi...

Poczta Kwiatowa® ma przyjemność zaprezentować olśniewającą kompozycję - czerwone róże i ekskluzywne czekoladki w eleganckim koszu. Słodka niespodzianka to idealne połączenie czegoś pięknego i czegoś bardzo dobrego! To prezent uniwersalny, który ucieszy...
delivery in 2 h

Bouquet of pink hydran...

Bukiet różowych hortensji to hołd dla delikatności i piękna, które reprezentują różowe hortensje. Składający się z tych uroczych kwiatów, bukiet emanuje subtelnością i elegancją, przypominając o letnich ogrodach pełnych kwiatów. Różowe hortensje są ...

For mother

Everyone has people in theirs lifes, who have influenced them. For someone musicians or writers will be that people. For us thou there that person is someone, who is much closer. This is our mother! She was the only one who always believed in us, knew like no one else, demanded, but also loved greatly. She put in so much work that we could have the best we could in our lives. It is worth to thank her for all this at least one day, even without an opportunity.

Flowers for mother

What can be an ideal gift for mother? Poczta Kwiatowa® found the best solution. This is, of course, flowers for mother!, They will be a unique and personal thanks and recognition of such an amazing person.

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beautiful bouquet
30.11.2022 r. Addy
Beautiful bouquet delivered on time.
24.11.2022 r. Elena
fast and very professional flower delivery and a very nice courier.
24.11.2022 r. Christian
Thank you very much for the wonderful, color-matched and beautifully arranged bouquet.. I am happy to re...
24.11.2022 r. Lone