Flowers in a box

Let us change the way you perceive giving flowers as a gift. To start with: we will merge the beautiful tradition with modern styling...


Fresh roses

The world contains over 400 rose species. We choose the best: delicate, elegant and, at the same time, those that last the longest.


red blush
gold wisdom
modern pink
crème glacée
red blush

Elegant boxes

Now the accessory: handmade boxes designed along the lines of esthetic minimalism and in a subdued color set: black or white. The effect is elegance.

See boxes

deep black
pure white
dark blue
ashy grey
modern pink
gaudy red
sku blue
deep black


Delimaro™ – a new line of flowerbox products from Poczta Kwiatowa ® brand. An excellent gift for people who appreciate beauty in an exquisite form.

See sizes

Big box (dia- 29 cm)
Medium box (dia- 17 cm)
Small box (dia- 11 cm)
Florobox (dia- 22 cm)
Big box (dia- 29 cm)

We will deliver such an arrangement of flowers in a box on your behalf to any place in Poland. You can choose from our offer of roses in a round or square box.


The so-called flowerboxes are a fashionable product that has freshly arrived to the Polish market. Flower experts of Poczta Kwiatowa® brand propose a selection of Polish flowers in a box – DelimaroTM – under a new florist collection: diamond collection. Roses in a box were designed in Dubai where they have become a great success: they have made perfect business gifts, VIP presents, exclusive decorations and modern arrangements handed in during prestigious galas. Also in our country, flowerboxes have delighted celebrities, media stars, stylists and decorators. With Poczta Kwiatowa®, you can send someone classic red roses or roses in any other color of your choice in a round or square box.