Compose the package

1/3 Delivery time

Choose the time of delivery of your gift. Delivery on Saturdays is possible in selected locations

2/3 Components

Choose a category and add the appropriate ingredients to your gift.

3/3 Packing method

The specific pattern is selected individually depending on the amount of ingredients.

Gift remind special moments like Christmas, birthday, anniversary. It makes them even more remarkable and worth to remember. Gift basket is also a magnificent addition to what we want to give to the other person. It will not only delight you, but will also emphasize our words.

Gift creator allows to making a unique and personal gift basket easily and quickly. It also allows to adjust the day and time of delivery according to personal needs. Moreover, it offers a wide range of products, which will allow you to prepare unusual gifts for various occasions. Exquisite alcohols combined with delicious pralines, truffles are a great idea for a gift for a men, a colleague or for saying “ thank you”. Aromatic teas and great chocolates make an ideal combination for mothers, grandmothers or for quiet evenings. Someone, who isn’t a lover of sweets can also find something for themselves among delicious preserves or snacks. The appearance of the gift can be further varied by selecting different shapes and colours of baskets or boxes. A great advantage of the gift creator is also adding to the basket ticket with wishes or other add-on from the offer.

The gift basket is magnificent gift, representing not only sweetness, but also important words and feelings. Poczta Kwiatowa® will make it personal and unique.