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We offer the hottest of all roses! Order flowers via Poczta Kwiatowa and find out how much a bouquet can do!

Do you love?
Wonderfully! Love - passionate, durable or between friends - is the most beautiful feeling which we can share with the others. That's why we care so much about it and celebrate it everyday, making every moment unique and full of happiness. It's worth every effort and every minute.

Love story
For ages men have shown their feelings to women by giving them flowers. This beautiful, fragrant gift can express more than any words. Choosing a bouquet for a loved one we should know the meaning of flowers. The most common choice are of course compositions of red roses - the symbol of passionate, everlasting love. Poczta Kwiatowa® also recommends bouquets of colorful roses or mixed flowers - romantic and original will surely make the recipient happy. Thanks to us Your loved one will feel unique.

Customer reviews

Good quality of the flowers, delievery in time, good attitude. Thanks!

09.01.2017 r. Vladyslav