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Eustom bouquet from the offer of Poczta Kwiatowa® is a unique composition that celebrates the beauty and delicacy of eustom flowers in shades of pink, white and purple. It is not only a bouquet, but also a story of elegance that subtly blends into every corner of life.

Pink eustomy, symbolizing tenderness and love, are the main element of this unique arrangement. Their delicate petals give the bouquet a romantic character, while emphasizing the feminine power of nature.
White eustomy add notes of purity and elegance to the bouquet. Their bright petals are like drops of morning dew, giving the composition lightness and harmony.
Purple eustomy, with a deep shade of purple, introduce a mysterious accent to the bouquet. It is the colour of creativity and magic that adds a unique character to the bouquet.

The Eustom bouquet not only dazzles with its variety of colours, but also introduces an atmosphere of tranquility and subtle elegance to the surroundings. Perfect for a variety of occasions, from romantic gatherings to family celebrations, this bouquet is a unique gem in the world of flowers.

Availability: All year


różowe, białe i fioletowe eustomy, papier dekoracyjny

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