Gift that remind the recipient about sender's gesture? Pot plants accept the challenge! Send plant flowers into each and every place in Poland.


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Orchid in a pot

We introduce you an orchid in a pot. Thank to the Poczta Kwiatowa® florists this original flower is with even more exotic character. Send to your close one a remarkable composition witch will care about your relationship.
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Spathiphyllum in pot

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Cyclamen composition

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Spring composition

Bring to your loved ones a little bit of Spring! Poczta Kwiatowa® helps you with that by sending a charming primula in a beautiful basket. Delivered basket can be a little different then that on the picture.
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Basket of miscellaneous

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Hyacinth composition

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Hyacinth and Primula

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Three hyacinths compos...

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Flowerpot plants compo...

Are you looking to revive your house? Or maybe you would like to surprise your close one or a business partner? The composition of pot flowers is universal and is suitable for men and women alike. Our florits has prepared an unusual set: a charming cro...
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Balcony flowers

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Provencal Garden

Podaruj bliskim wyjątkowe kwiaty w bajkowej kompozycji w pastelowych kolorach. Zdecyduj się na hiacynty, krokus i tulipany - Kompozycja Ogród Prowansalski wniosie do domu bliskiej osoby powiew wiosny!
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Happy basket composition


Potted plants
Ordering bouquets of flowers we're often afraid of their short lives. We would like our flowers to stay fresh as long as possible. In this case ordering potted plants is the best solution, because they are extremely durable. Long life of a plant can be a symbol of our longlasting feelings. Every time recipient loks on a plant, it will bring good memories back - about that important moment and about us. Our close one can also observe the effects of his care and work on this floral gift.

Potted plants from our offer
What potted plants to choose? Most recommended are orchids or spathiphyllum, because they have the longest life and unique, slightly exotic look. The perfect choce is also a composition of daffodils, primulas and hyacinths, because you can always move the flowers to the garden and enjoy them the next spring.

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