Placing an order

  1. How to send flowers with Poczta Kwiatowa®?
  2. I am pushed for time. What is the quickest method of placing an order and paying for it?
  3. Do I have to register to place an order via the Internet?
  4. How can I use a discount?


  1. How can I pay?
  2. Can I send you money transfer confirmation to precipitate realisation?

Delivery time

  1. What is time of realisation?
  2. Would you like to order flowers delivery today?
  3. Do you deliver flowers on Sunday?
  4. Do you deliver flowers at chosen hour?
  5. Will delivery at chosen hour cost more than standard delivery?
  6. Is there a possibility to order flowers at 7 AM?
  7. Till what time I have to place an order for same day delivery?

Place of delivery

  1. Do you deliver flowers to every town in Poland?
  2. How about sending flowers abroad?
  3. Do you deliver flowers to hotels, hospitals and workplaces?


  1. Is it possible to send flowers anonymously?
  2. What happens if a recipient is not present at the indicated address?


  1. How does small/medium/big bouquet look like?
  2. How does short/medium/long bouquet of roses look like?
  3. Are delivered flowers exactly as they seem in the picture?
  4. Could I attach text message to ordered flowers?
  5. Where can I type text of my wishes?
    After choosing a note card I cannot see field to type wishes.
  6. Why can't I order a gift for Saturday or Sunday?

Flowers for funeral

  1. Do you deliver flowers for funeral?
  2. Do you guarantee an exact hour of delivery for funerals?
  3. Can I add a ribbon to the order?
  4. Is there a possibility to type my own text on the ribbon?

Delivery status

  1. What is my delivery status?
  2. How can I obtain information whether my delivery has been fulfilled?