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Tuesday, 20.03.2018 Nameday: Eufemii i Klaudii

Fruits in chocolate

Fruits in chocolate

Fruit in chocolate is a sweet symbol of luxury. They can be a delicious gift for loved ones, but it is also an excellent aphrodisiac that will combine beloved ones as we combine fruit and chocolate.
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Chocolate covered fruits
Fruit is a symbol of health and sweetness. Lots of vitamins and rich taste make fruits our favourite healthy snacks. Strawberries, bananas, apples or pears - each fruit has an amazing and unique flavour but when we dip them in chocolate this is when the magic happens! We create a perfect duo of sweetness. Delicious, juicy and sweet fruits are covered in chocolate - dark, milk or white - you can choose which kind you like the most.
An unique gift
Chocolate dipped fruits are an original and unique gift. You can choose between traditional chocolate covered fruits or dipped and decorated in various sprinkles and swizzles. Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a teddy bear with a selection of fruits in chocolate. This gift will delight everyone - both children and adults.

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I am very glad for shopping this flowers. I reccomended.

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