Stuffed toys

Huge teddy bear , cute elephant and cheerful mascots - order a beautiful toy. Poczta Kwiatowa® delivers it to any place in Poland. Teddy bears and other mascots in Poczta Kwiatowa® offer.

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Teddy Bear Felice


Stuffed toy

In mascots there have been always something unusual. You are agree, are you? This peace of plush sew together in the shape of a teddy bear brings on mind only the warmest memories. As children we connected with them in a very emotional and spirytual way. It was like a pet, or even a part of a family. We were hugging this teddy bear in the darkness, when parents turn out the light. This mascot was all wet from tears when we were sad. It was this cute toy which you gave you loved one to remind her about you, when you are far away. Maybe this is just a piece of plush but in it is closed so many emotions, so many feeling and memories.

Stuffed toys

For the youngest teddy bear is the best friend, for the dults - a symbol. Plush mascot is the perfect gift for people in any age. Place an order in Poczta Kwiatowa® for the most beautiful stuffed toys.

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Very cute gift
03.03.2018 r. James
My girlfriend was overwhelmed! Thank You so much!
18.06.2017 r. Steven
Nice teddy bear :)
15.03.2017 r. Jan