For mother

Mom is one of the most important people in our lives. She brought so much effort, love and care into our childhood, and we thank her so rarely for that. However, this can be changed at any time! Poczta Kwiatowa® proposes to do this by sending beautiful flowers for mother.

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Flowers for Mom's Day

What to give your mother on the day ofher holiday? You can't be on Mother'sDay with your mother and you'd like to make it up to her some how? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers wonderful bouquet screated for all mothers. Flowers for Mom's Day is a combination of ...
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Field bouquet

What should I give my mother for Mother's Day? Are you looking for beautiful but delicate flowers for your mother? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a subtle, light and pastel Field Bouquet. Thanks to him, you can be with your mom on her special day. The combina...
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Mom's bouquet

Can't you be on Mother's Day with your mother and would you like to wish her happy birthday in a special way? What kind of flowers to give your mother on her holiday? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers beautiful bouquets, which will surely delight all mothers. Mo...
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Pasodoble bouquet

Ten ciepły i różnobarwny bukiet kryje w sobie nie tylko piękno, ale także wyrazistość oraz harmonię. Można dzięki niemu przekazać mnóstwo emocji, uczuć zaczynając od radości czy wdzięczności kończąc na namiętności.
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Impression bouquet

The Impressionists painters were aiming closeness of nature, they wanted to catch sensual, fleeting moments - catch unique mood of the moment. the Impression bouquet is a light flower arrangement with roses, daisies, agapanthus, eustoma and limonium in...
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Breathy of spring

"Give a loved one a beautiful bouquet mixed in delicate, pastel colors. The pale pink rose and light eustoma together with the additions make the bouquet light and subtle. The breath of spring is a composition of Poczta Kwiatowa®, from which it beats ...
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Sunny Cup bouquet

Is it sunny summer or snowy winter - give your loved ones some sun in the Sunny Cup! A beautiful bouquet composed of eustoma, yellow roses, carnations and limonium composed by the best florists will make this day special. Let these beautiful roses make...
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Fairytale Flowers

Did you know that the participants of independent research by Harvard University researchers admitted that they felt "at least positively", and certainly more happily in the morning hours, if the first thing they focused on when they woke up were flowe...
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Like it

Like in the song "That's the way I like it" - a composition of flowers in a way that everyone will like - colorful, radiant, fragrant, and at the same time not being combined. Apparently, the most persistent we remember the colors and smells - by sendi...
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For mother

Everyone has people in theirs lifes, who have influenced them. For someone musicians or writers will be that people. For us thou there that person is someone, who is much closer. This is our mother! She was the only one who always believed in us, knew like no one else, demanded, but also loved greatly. She put in so much work that we could have the best we could in our lives. It is worth to thank her for all this at least one day, even without an opportunity.

Flowers for mother

What can be an ideal gift for mother? Poczta Kwiatowa® found the best solution. This is, of course, flowers for mother!, They will be a unique and personal thanks and recognition of such an amazing person.

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07.01.2020 r. Roksana
Bukiet był przepiękny. Dostarczony na czas.
31.10.2019 r. Boguslawa
Stunning flowers delivered on time. What more could I ask for. Thank you, will definitely use your servi...
17.12.2018 r. Thomas
The name speaks for itself :D
17.09.2018 r. Ola