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Are you looking for the most beautiful tulips? Just look at these!

The rich history of tulips
Tulips are usually associated with Netherlands, which is wrong, because they come from central Asia where they occurred as wild flowers. They were popular in Turkey, where they have been chosen as one of the symbols of the country. In the 17th century they reached the Netherlands and have become extremely popular there. People started to compete in cultivation and having the rarest types of them. Prices of the most wanted types were often ten times higher than the annual income of the standard inhabitant.

Tulips today
In our tradition tulips have always been a symbol of spring. They are the most common spring flowers. W naszej tradycji tulipany od zawsze są uznawane jako symbol wiosny. To jedne z najczęściej wybieranych wiosennych kwiatów. Known as extremely graceful and elegant. Poczta Kwiatowa® offers you the largest selection of tulips online.

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i ordered this such beautiful bunch of flowers for my girls friend ... she really loved it .. recommende...

05.05.2016 r. Fatih