Women love two things: flowers and jewellery. So why not to give them both at once? :)

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Pearl bracelet

What could be a better gift for Mom than a pearl bracelet? It is a combination of elegance, delicacy and femininity enclosed in small beads. The pearls themselves have been worn for centuries by the strongest and most important women in the world, whic...
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Pearl necklace

Pearls have always been associated with elegance, delicacy and nobility - the most beautiful thing in women. Could there be a more appropriate gift for our loved one, for our sister, for our mother in this case? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a beautiful pear...
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Necklace Amber Heart

No gift idea? Poczta Kwiatowa offers you a beautiful, magnificent amber heart interwoven with a silver floral branch. A decorative, silver chain is added to the pendant. The jewelery with Baltic amber is beautiful for you. The silver pendant will be pe...
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Bracelet Charms

Give her something special - charms bracelet with original elements Swarovski® is an elegant gift that will appeal to any chic woman, as well as a young girl :) Jewelry for Valentine's Day will be a hit. Surprise your beloved by making her a luxurious ...
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Amber heart necklace

Elegant, silver necklace with amber heart - perfect for your lady!
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Heart in flames

Silver heart with 24k of gold with the silver chain is a perfect gift for your another half. Burn her heart and express your feelings with the sparking gold.
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Polish diamond

Classic bracelet made of silver decorated with striped flint which is called "the polish diamond". Beautiful and unique. Smooth and polished. It fits on every hand. The produck is hand-made. Orders are fulfilled within 48 hours.
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Silver necklace with a...

An original and charming gift idea - a rose that will never wither. Poczta Kwiatowa® reminds - women love jewelry! All gifts are delivered in elegant and ingenious packaging. Give a special gift to loved ones. Rose from amber is perfect for any occasio...
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Necklace and earrings set

Are you looking for an elegant gift for your beloved woman? Our set made of Swarovski® elements will surely charm her! Subtle brilliance, discreet elegance - a classic that will work in every situation, is suitable for any occasion. Let the sparkle of ...

Jewelery from thousands of years exist in a life of humans. It is used in many ways - a typical utility as brooches or pins, the beautiful ornaments in the end with talismans and amulets. The phenomenon is that the jewels are popular to this days. Pendant which is given can be proof of love, brooch can fulfill clothes and bracelet or earrings will add grace and elegance. Our jewelery includes for example wonderful amber, magical silver and charming Swarovski stone and each of them is carefully made by the best of our professionals. Place your order in Poczta Kwiatowa® for the elegant and original jewelery, which can be a perfect gift for any occasion for your loved one, for mother, sister or just a friend. Our products will satisfy each of the women and make them feel special. Send a shiny smile today!

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Thank you for fast delivery. I'm so happy with your product :)
17.12.2018 r. Edward
Higly recommended, excellent present, my Grandma was delighted
28.06.2018 r. Benjamin
I have never heard my daughter so happy! Thank You so much, it mean a lot.
18.05.2018 r. Douglas
On time delivery
12.04.2018 r. Aoife