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Marguerite bouquet from Poczta Kwiatowa® is a tribute to the beauty and simplicity that are inherent attributes of marguerite . This charming bouquet, composed of pink marguerite, exudes delicacy and charm, creating a unique atmosphere of freshness.

Pink marguerite, considered the flowers of innocence and purity, in this bouquet present themselves in all their beauty. Their delicate petals arrange into airy compositions, reminiscent of the light dances of the spring wind. The color of pink symbolizes love, tenderness and joy, which makes this bouquet a perfect gift for many occasions.

The bouquet not only delights the eye, but also arouses positive emotions and adds charm to any interior. Perfect as a gift for a loved one, emphasizing the subtlety of feelings and expressing the joy of moments spent together.

Availability: All year


Small: 10 marguerite, decorative paper
Medium: 15 marguerite, decorative paper
Big: 20 marguerite, decorative paper

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