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Bouquet of Alstromeria from the offer of Poczta Kwiatowa® is a floral poem, in which pink and orange alstromeria are intertwined in an intricate dancing harmony. It’s not just a bouquet, it’s a story of passion and delicacy that blossoms in a sensual dance of colours.

Pink alstromeria, with subtle petals, bring an aura of tenderness and delicacy to the bouquet. Their shade of pink symbolizes love and captivating beauty, creating the impression that each flower is a painted sculpture of nature.
Orange alstromerias add a fiery temperament to the bouquet. These flowers, like the flames of the setting sun, bring warmth and energy to the composition, emanating a positive aura.

The Alstromeria bouquet is not just an ordinary flower arrangement, it is a treat for the senses that will transport you into the world of unrestrained nature. Perfect for different occasions, from joyful celebrations to intimate moments, this bouquet is the quintessence of harmony and beauty that flows from the heart of nature.

Availability: All year


różowe i pomarańczowe alstromerie, papier dekoracyjny

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