Cakes with delivery

Your loved one have a birthday? and you don't have a gift yet. Check out Poczta Kwiatowa® offer. Order birthday cake with delivery and make a surprise. Poczta Kwiatowa® guarantees timely delivery.


Cakes with delivery

Sponge cakes, meringues, shortcrust pastries, chocolate, poppy seed, and cocoa creams, fruitcake doughs. Dozens of of variations, hundreds of flavors, thousands of reasons to bake, and millions of ideas for sweet decorations – what connects cakes? It is precisely their diversity that makes them the best pastries in the world.


Sweet passion

Handmade products are characterized by the fact that their quality depends strongly on the pastry chef. It is, without a doubt, the sweetest profession in the world :)

the perfect recipe

the perfect recipe
a pastry chef
a good idea
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A recipe for success

We associate cakes with birthdays and weddings. What's worth stressing out is that they are perfect for almost any festive occasion: they may constitute a sophisticated dessert following a main dish, a treat for guests who have a craving for something sweet, or a beautiful table decoration.

Cakes guarantee:

a moment of leisure
festive events
an elegant dessert
a moment of leisure

The best pastry shops

Therefore, the success of a cake lies mostly in the idea – and the talent of a pastry chef! That is why we select the best Polish pastry shops to work with us, and we intrust your special occasion with their experience.

Only master pastry chefs!

Classic cakes - 48 h
Delivery all over Poland
Classic cakes - 48 h
Candles - numbers
Classic birthdays candles
Cake fountains

Cakes can be made up to 48 hours in any place in Poland.


Cakes with delivery gain popularity all over the world and become a treat more and more popular to serve (and eat!) during various festive events. Previously associated mainly with birthdays, today they are featured on the tables during celebratory galas, as desserts at sumptuous parties, and of course during weddings.

Cakes are not pastries which are viewed equally all over the world. The sole world tort in Polish comes from the latin adjective tortus, which meanswhirled, rich in curled decorations. Thus, this means that in etymological terms, it should be associated with rich decorations of whirled lines (i. a. writings in frosting). Also the Italian torta, close to the Polish hearts, comes from this term. And it is worth pointing out that Italy is the birthplace of contemporary cakes. In English, there is the word torte meaning pastries in general, and especially cakes, apart from the more popular term birthday cake. Send a cake to any location in Poland. -

Poczta Kwiatowa® cake with delivery

Birthday is a special moment to send a unique gift. Surprise you loved ones with a delicious, mouth-watering cake from our gift collection. If don't have any idea for a birthday gift, browse our selection of delicious cakes made by the best polish bakeries. Poczta Kwiatowa® delivers birthday cakes in time on the day you pick.

Birthday cake

Birthday cake is an essential element of any birthday celebration. Make sure your loved one's birthday party is unforgettable and order a delicious cake that will make this day even more special. Say Happy Birthday with one of our freshly baked cakes from the best ingredients and be a part of the celebration. Poczta Kwiatowa® offers birthday cakes delivery to every place in Poland.

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Cake was decorated very fresh, smells great fruits! Yuuumi
17.12.2018 r. Stefania
17.12.2018 r. Monika
Cake was delicious!
17.10.2018 r. Krystyna
Sophisticated taste
24.05.2018 r. Anna