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Poczta Kwiatowa® solves any uncertainty: what flowers should one give for a man? You can find the answer here!


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Loop of love bouquet

Show what you hide in your heart and express your feelings in the most beautiful possible way – with flowers! Place an order for the "Loop of Love" bouquet of white roses, carnations, viburnum and speedwells together with Poczta Kwiatowa®.
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Tropical composition

Feel the heat of the tropics and order the beautiful "Tropical" arrangement. It's a basket with gerberas, roses, carnations and ivy originally arranged by the floristic master. 
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Summer Smile

An extremely original "Summer Smile" floral arrangement is a bouquet arranged by the best floristic masters. Gerberas, carnations and sunflowers make a really big impression.
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A lot of happiness bou...

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12th player

Are you looking for a special gift for a football fan? Let the 12th player support their team with this beautiful bouquet in Polish national colours. With our sport supporter set every game will become a unique experience. Regular beer can be replaced...
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Bouquet for Andrew

Make a surprise to Andrew on his name-day. Bouquet of tea roses and six-pack of beer is a perfect gift for Saint Andrew’s Day. The beer brand is just an example. Beer brand can be changed.
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Hot feelings composition

Perfect composition to make morning bright and shiny! Send this sweet, warm bouquet and make your close ones smile. Express your love and care. The square basket with nicely arranged tips of flowers can also be a great decoration for someone's table. L...
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Good morning bouquet

Podaruj uśmiech! Wyślij bliskiej osobie przepiękny, kolorowy bukiet, w który główną role gra pachnąca lilia. Ciepła kolorystyka kwiatów z pewnością odzwierciedli Twoje pozytywne emocje! Już teraz zamów kwiaty na telefon, są ...
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The Canary Islands flo...

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Bouquet with beer

Great idea for a surprise: bouquet of flowers with a sip of hop refreshment. Make a lot of joy to your close ones by Poczta Kwiatowa®.
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Smile bouquet

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Congratulations bouquet


Flowers for men
For many years flowers have been one of the most popular gifts. They are elegant and universal. They can be given not only to women but also to men. On what occasions we can give man a bouquet? The most popular are the Father's Day and Grandfathers Day. Flowers don't have to be given only to our relatives. We can give them to our boss or bussiness partner, as a symbol of respect.

Which flowers for Him?
It's a really good question, because not all the flowers are proper for men. They are not only a symbol of airiness and beauty. We can give them actually on evety occasion and we must remember that men are also sensitive to their charm. What flowers men would like to get? You can choose for example orange roses or a bouquet of yellow gerbers. Poczta Kwiatowa® gives you a lot of possibilities. You can also enrich this bouquet with a gift.

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insanely beautiful bouquet of thank you =)
13.06.2016 r. Ivan