How to send?

Choose a product

Have you already found your perfect bouquet? Select the size, set the date and hours of delivery.

Then click the „Add to Cart” button.

Choose an add

If you want your gift to be truly unique, customize it by choosing an add: exquisite wine, card, vase or a mascot. You can also choose an add in the next step.

Then click the „Continue” button.

Shopping Cart

Check the products in your Shopping Cart. „Total to pay” is the total amount. If everything is correct, go further without hesitation! Remember, in this step you can use discounts and you Rewards (when logged in).

Then click the „Continue” button.

Recipient’s data

This is the most importan step – please, enter the data of person you want to make happy. In this step enter the text of card message you want to send.

If you have a special request or note, you may enter this information in the „Additional information” field. We have individual approach to every customer and we’ll do our best to meet your expectations.

Then click the „Continue” button.

Sender’s data

Please, enter your data. Remember, this information is not shared with the recipient. If you want recipient to know, who sent the flowers, sign the card message.

Then click the „Continue” button.


Transfer? Credit card? Select preferred payment method and click „Order and pay” button. You’ll be redirected to the payment website.

Order confirmation

Did everything go smoothly and well? Congratulations! After placing and order you’ll receive an email with confirmation and the status of your order.

Now just wait for the recipient’s smile ;)!