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Bouquet of florists

You want to send flowers to your loved ones? Don't you know which bouquet to choose? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a new bouquet from its offer - Bouquet of florists. It is a composition created and invented only by the person making this bouquet. Fresh and ...
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Pastel Bouquet

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A unique gift is both a beautiful gesture and a pleasant surprise. Therefore, it is not surprising that flowers are the most chosen gift for various occasions. They are an expression of the most sincere feelings, wishes, congratulations or those more d...
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Bouquet of florists Pr...

You want to send flowers to your loved ones? Don't you know which bouquet to choose? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a new bouquet from its offer - Bouquet of florists. It is a composition created and invented only by the person making this bouquet. Fresh and ...
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Impression bouquet

The Impressionists painters were aiming closeness of nature, they wanted to catch sensual, fleeting moments - catch unique mood of the moment. the Impression bouquet is a light flower arrangement with roses, daisies, agapanthus, eustoma and limonium in...
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Romantic evening

Poczta Kwiatowa® miała przyjemność uczestniczyć w produkcji najnowszego hitu z wielkiego ekranu: "Porady na zdrady". Komedia romantyczna w reżyserii Ryszarda Zatorskiego podbija serca widzów w całej Polsce. Fot. Magda Rzymanek/Tomasz Paczkowski ...
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Red gladiolus

Do you want to surprise your loved ones with a fragrant gift? Or would you like to have a beautiful decoration in your house? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers unusual Red gladiolus, which will certainly cheer up any space. Gladiolus are very strong and beautifu...
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I remember about you f...

Udowodnij ważnym dla Ciebie ludziom, że o nich pamiętasz. Gerbery, margaretki i róże w klasycznej kompozycji idealnie się do tego nadadzą. Podaruj kwiaty z pomocą Poczty Kwiatowej i skróć dystans między Wami! W związku z chwilowym ogra...
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Have you ever wondered what is hidden on the other side of the mirror? Poczta Kwiatowa®, inspired by the land of dreams, has created a special bouquet Jabberwocky
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Pink gladiolus

Do you want to make a special surprise for your loved ones? Or would you like to have a beautiful flower decoration at home? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers extraordinary Pink Gladiolus, which will certainly cheer up any space. Swordtails are very strong and b...
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Rubine bouquet

Uwiedź ją pięknem namiętnych czerwonych róż, są jak rubiny wśród szlachetnych kamieni, są prawdziwymi arystokratkami kwiatów. Zamów najszlachetniejsze z róż i spraw, by odbiorczyni zakochała się w nich od pierwszego wejrzenia oraz pomyślała gorąco o na...
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Dream flowers

Are you looking for the right bouqet to express your love? The „Dream” flowers is a composition which astonishes women. The charming oxeye daisies, finess carnations assisted by santini and an elegant rose make a refined bouqet. Surprise your close one...
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Good morning flowers

Let the sunny day begin. Poczta kwiatowa® will deliver a warm bouqet of sunflowers and irises directly to the recepient.
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Eros' flowers

You want to confess love and you have no idea how to do it? Send flowers online and our florist will compose a unique and exceptional bouquet for you. Nothing can express the word „love” better than a red rose, a synonym of beauty and passion. Surprise...
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Joyful bouquet with ra...

Joyful bouquet with raspberries is a new proposal for summer from Poczta Kwiatowa®. Colourful gerberas with trimmings delight with their beauty. Now this wonderful bouquet can be given to someone along with delicious raspberries. It is a perfect combin...
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Pasodoble bouquet with...

Give Pasodoble Bouquet with raspberries to the person you care about a lot. This colorful bouquet with fruit hides not only beauty, but also expressiveness and taste. Thanks to it you can convey a lot of emotions and feelings, from joy to gratitude. Po...
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Sunny Cup bouquet

Is it sunny summer or snowy winter - give your loved ones some sun in the Sunny Cup! A beautiful bouquet composed of eustoma, yellow roses, carnations and limonium composed by the best florists will make this day special. Let these beautiful roses make...
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Alice bouquet

Have you ever wondered what is hidden on the other side of the mirror? Poczta Kwiatowa® inspired by the dreamland created a special composition Alice bouquet
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Sunny flowers

The meaning of roses in the yellow color very often causes problems of interpretation. Remember, however, that the meaning of the color of roses is only symbolic. Let's not resign from the choosing of flowers in this color, if we know that the recipien...
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Purple Gladiolus

Poczta Kwiatowa® offers phenomenal Purple Gladiolus. These very hardy and beautiful flowers are sure to be a unique decoration for many spaces. Due to their size (about 1 m), it is worth putting them in a larger vase.
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Fairy's Bouquet

roses, poczt kwiatowa flowers delivery, bouquet of mixed flowers
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Fairytale Flowers

Did you know that the participants of independent research by Harvard University researchers admitted that they felt "at least positively", and certainly more happily in the morning hours, if the first thing they focused on when they woke up were flowe...
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50 roses in a basket

Zamów kwiaty przez Internet - róże w koszu to okazała niespodzianka, która odwzierciedli ogrom Twoich uczuć! 50 róż będzie jak 50 pocałunków, które prześlesz jej z pomocą tej romantycznej, klasycznej kompozycji.
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Crystal shine flowers

Roses bathed in crystals can be in the hands of your friend or family even in a few hours . A beautiful and original combination. It's enough to order these flowers on our website, and soon your beloved will be able to enjoy their beauty, and admire th...

The art of giving flowers

First of all - cut flowers are the most elegant ones. Potted plants are suitable for the closest ones, gift baskets for business partners - to everyone else we can safely send cut flowers. Secondly, we can hear that the number of flowers have to be unpaired. It's not exacly true - we can give someone flowers in the meaningful number, even if it's geminate. Following this thought - a bouquet of twelwe, eighteen, thirty, fifty or hundred of roses is not inappropriate at all.

Flower meaning

How to choose perfect flowers? We have to remember that in Poland the most of colours and flowers have their specific occasions when we can give them. Chrysanthemum for example is used only at the funerals and grave decorations. We also shouldn't send yellow daffodils to our loved one, because one of their meanings is jealousy. In this case red or pink roses would be just perfect. And if it's our friend's birthday, proper will be sunflowers or freesias.

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08.03.2022 r. Rafał Przybysz
Beautiful Flowers, sweet chocolates, fast delivery. The box makes them so easy to display and they last...
12.02.2022 r. Troy
Z okazji 70 urodzin od syna Mariusza z rodzinką.
06.01.2022 r. Mariusz
Dobra cena i bukiet ładny
23.11.2021 r. Marek