Make you close ones a perfect surprise and send one of our gifts! In Poczta Kwiatowa® offer: gourmet&sweets baskets, elegant presents and engraved gifts.

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Wedding basket

Can't you be at the wedding of your friends or family? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a perfect gift for the newlyweds - a wedding basket. In the elegant basket the young couple will find an exclusive chocolate box of Jakobsen chocolates, delicious Lindt choc...
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Gift for the birth of ...

Your loved ones are born a child? You have no idea how to congratulate your freshman parents? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a unique gift basket - Gift for the birth of a child. The set includes a plush teddy bear for the toddler and some delicacies for pare...
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Flower basket

Looking for a present for Mother's Day? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers unusual compositions for this occasion. One of them is a Flower basket consisting of aromatic tea, Italian chocolates, fruit drops, chocolate pralines, Italian Marfi wine and Delimaro™ cho...
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Festive basket

Regular Price: zł179.00

Special Price: zł169.00

Festive basket is a set of carefully selected sweets from well-known brands. Packed in a decorative white basket, the sweets perfectly match the additions of Delimaro ™ coffee beans, Chelton leaf tea and a bottle of Pan Tadeusz vodka. The remarkably d...
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Small Treat

Regular Price: zł139.00

Special Price: zł119.00

An alternative to standard Valentine's Day gifts may be Valentine's Gift Set Little Delight. The name should not be confusing here, as the size of this product does not at all mean that it is less abundant in the feelings you want to convey to your l...
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Basket from the Hare

Easter is a special time that we want to spend with our family. However, this is not always possible. That is why Poczta Kwiatowa® created a unique gift for such an occasion - an Easter gift. In the gift basket, the recipients will find chocolate bunni...
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The begining of siesta...

The aroma of coffee floating above the tables in street cafes, the taste of sweet pastries with almonds and cinnamon, juicy oranges, the buzz of evening conversations over a glass of white sparkling wine, time seems to slow down its course. Italy is a ...
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A memory of a sunny su...

Summer is probably the most loved of all the seasons. An abundance of colours, flavours and aromas, ripe fruit, sunshine and relaxation in the shade of lush vegetation. We've kept what's most enjoyable about the summer months and created Memories of a ...
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Delicadeza set

Regular Price: zł209.00

Special Price: zł189.00

Rustic, woven white box and under its lid a surprise. Lots of surprises. Give a special person a blissful moment of respite, full of the aroma of coffee and the sweetness of chocolate. The Delicadeza set is a gift composed with special care to conquer ...
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Mexican flavor

Gift baskets of Poczta Kwiatowa® are gifts which combine both aesthetics and quality as well as seemingly incompatible tastes. As a whole, however, the gift is an unusual composition that surprises and pleases. A proposal full of contrasts is Mexican f...
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Chocolate box

No idea for a gift for your loved ones? Poczta Kwiatowa® has created original and unique gift baskets which are perfect for every occasion. One of such gifts is a Chocolate Box, in which the recipient will find high-quality truffles, organic dark choco...
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Box of sweets

The basket with sweets is a universal gift. It is characterized not only by elegance, but also by taste! It's a wonderful surprise that can be bestowed on anyone at almost any opportunity. Creating Box of sweets Flower Post® took care of even the small...
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Station Lapland

Do you want to make a loved one an original and exquisite gift for the upcoming Christmas? Certainly yes, so buy a product called Przystanek Laponia. It is a perfect gift for both men and women. It consists of excellent red, dry Italian wine called Ter...
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Zimowy zmierzch

Zimowe popołudnia bywają szare i senne. Rozchmurz swoją bliską osobę wręczając jej nasz specjalny prezent od Poczta Kwiatowa®. W tym estetycznym upominku znajdą się same wyselekcjonowane produkty. Znajdziesz w nim nie tylko wiśnie i orzechy w czeko...
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Chocolate Treasure + ...

A chocolate treasure is not just a box of chocolates. It is a gift that you can personalize and give it a unique character. Poczta Kwiatowa® has prepared chocolates in a box that delight with their form. An elegant, wooden box with these sweets is per...
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Royal dream

Royal dream is a unique proposition of a truly exclusive gift. A refined, rustic box hides carefully selected delicacies inside. Sweet figs, ripening in the full Spanish sun, immersed in delicate chocolate, the highest quality hazelnuts in a thick, cho...
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Gift I love you

Valentine's Day is a special day for all lovers - everyone knows it. However, love can also be expressed on other weekdays. In these moments, Poczta Kwiatowa® helps you express your feelings through unusual gift baskets. One of them is the I Love You ...
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Easter surprise

Easter is the perfect occasion to give a loved one a gift. Easter surprise is a set that creates a unique white wicker basket with a flap inside, which contains the highest quality sweets: Danish cookies in a decorative spring can, root cookies, tw...
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Colorful gift with bal...

Are you looking for an unusual gift for your loved ones? Give them a new offer from Poczta Kwiatowa® – A colorful balloon gift. In the basket, the recipient will find delicious gummy bears, children’s surprise eggs, chocolate pralines and fantastic cra...
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Chocolate Treasure XL ...

Regular Price: zł189.00

Special Price: zł179.00

Praline Fairy Tale is, above all, a box of pralines made of delicious chocolates of various flavors. Poczta Kwiatowa® has prepared this proposal so that everyone can give the other person a longer moment of chocolate pleasure. This elegant praline box...
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Irish Love

The Irish style love has often appeared in romantic comedies. It is often associated with the romantic scenery of this country. It is for these reasons that Poczta Kwiatowa has prepared a proposal for a gift for Valentine's Day for him - Irish Love . ...
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Falling in love

Certain moments in our lives are more important and meaningful to us. One of them may be the moment we fall in love with another person. Poczta Kwiatowa® likes to celebrate such moments, which is why it has prepared a gift box for Valentine's Day 'Fal...
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Heart on a sleeve

Heart on a sleeve refers to the kindness and helpfulness that you can show to another person. This is why the Valentine's Day gift the Heart on a sleeve set is a unique gift. Sometimes you want to thank someone for their goodness and love for you, an...

The desire of giving is the one of the most beautiful habits on Earth. The happiness in close ones eyes and their smile on their faces is a wonderful picture for each of us. Are you looking for a great gift to any occasion? Birthday? Mother's Day? Christmas?<

Gifts from Poczta Kwiatowa® offer

From our offer you certainy choose something perfect for you. Would you like to thank someone in original way? Say "I'm sorry"? Or maybe just happy a person close to you?

Original gift

Elegant boxes with unique graver, baskets full of sweets, delicious teas and real coffe, luxurious sets with wine, adorable mascots or beautiful jewelery make loved ones delighted! Remember about so true quote created by the author of "The Little Prince": True love will never end. The more you give, the more its stays.

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Fenomenalna niespodzianka dla bliskiej osoby
23.11.2021 r. Stefan Filoda
Spoko opcja z wygrawerowaniem życzeń na wieczku, prezent pod choinkę dla mamy z głowy ♥
23.11.2021 r. Pola
Great gift if you want to send more than just flowers. Comes with lots of sweets and goodies and will de...
21.07.2020 r. Edimar
Healthy present!
18.12.2018 r. Micaela