Make you close ones a perfect surprise and send one of our gifts! In Poczta Kwiatowa® offer: gourmet&sweets baskets, elegant presents and engraved gifts.

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Chocolate Treasure XL

Regular Price: zł169.00

Special Price: zł159.00

Praline Fairy Tale is, above all, a box of pralines made of delicious chocolates of various flavors. Poczta Kwiatowa® has prepared this proposal so that everyone can give the other person a longer moment of chocolate pleasure. This elegant praline box...
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Chocolate Treasure XL + Whisky

Regular Price: zł239.00

Special Price: zł229.00

A chocolate treasure is not just a box of chocolates. This is a gift that you can personalize and give it a unique character. Poczta Kwiatowa® has packed delicious chocolates in a box, which impress with their shape. The elegant wooden box in which th...
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Preludium des-dur

Nowość od Poczty Kwiatowej®. Preludium des-dur jest idealną propozycją prezentu na nadchodzący Dzień Ojca . Zaskocz swojego tatę i podaruj mu kosz pełen pyszności.
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Hulanka C-dur

Nowość od Poczty Kwiatowej®. Hulanka C-dur jest idealną propozycją prezentu na nadchodzący Dzień Ojca . Zaskocz swojego tatę i podaruj mu kosz pełen pyszności.
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Bridget Jones Basket

Poczta Kwiatowa® zainspirowana brytyjską postacią kultowych filmów o miłosnych rozterkach kobiety po trzydziestce stworzyła podarunek pełen słodkości. Zrób niespodziankę i podaruj bliskiej osobie wyjątkowy prezent - Koszyk Bridget Jones.
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Inflation basket

In the era of the highest inflation, Poczta Kwiatowa® created a funny gift for this time Inflation basket . Give your loved one as many as several million (chocolate coins)! Coins made of real, milk, Belgian chocolate will sweeten your life for a wh...
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Box “Agent 007”

Poczta Kwiatowa® inspired by a British spy created a gift that he would surely like. James Bond loved to drink Martini with vodka and he was just fond of exquisite breakfasts. The recipient will find a Martini in a wooden box and chocolates with alcoho...
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Full of happiness

Regular Price: zł239.00

Special Price: zł229.00

Gift basket - Fullness of Happiness is a perfect gift for every occasion. In a stylish, bamboo basket the recipient will find delicacies to suit the most sophisticated tastes. . . Delicious tea, delicate coffee, delicious cakes and chocolate with a pea...
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Women's Latte

Latte, cappuccino or classic espresso? I guess every woman loves coffee, that's why Poczta Kwiatowa has prepared a special gift basket, which will be a perfect surprise on the Women's Day. This gift is the finesse of coffee and chocolate flavors close...
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Treasure of Jack Sparrow

Finding a hidden pirate treasure is the dream of many of us. Poczta Kwiatowa® helps to relive this amazing experience and offers the loot of the most popular pirate - Treasure of Jack Sparrow. The basket contains buccaneers' favorite goods: Capitan Mor...
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Chocolate lover's choice

Chocolate is undoubtedly the queen of sweetness. Chocolate connoisseurs, like the most outstanding tasters, capture individual flavor notes and delicate nuances from a cocoa bar. The choice of a chocolate lover includes carefully selected bars in vario...
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Sweet interlude

Regular Price: zł167.00

Special Price: zł157.00

Don't you have a gift idea for a loved one? Poczta Kwiatowa® offers original and unusual gift compositions. One of them is the Sweet interlude - a set of chocolate dragons (almonds in white chocolate with coconut, ginger in chocolate, chilli cashews in...
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Velvet set

Subtle hazelnut in chocolate, the iconic Cavendish & Harvey hard candies, a box of delicious chocolates, and delicious Lindt candies - our elegant set is a perfect gift for any occasion. The velvet set is a proposal that will charm every recipient. It ...
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Connoisseur's gold

Connoisseur's gold - perfect idea if you want to show your respect in extraordinary way! Orders which are paid for before 12 o'clock will be delivered the next, working day. Orders within the borders of the city of Warsaw can be delivered the same d...
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Chocolate Set

Regular Price: zł179.00

Special Price: zł169.00

High quality dark chocolate, various filling and real almonds with pralines, sweets and chocolate bar and Chopin Chocolate Liqueur. Our products selection in an elegant wooden box will be a perfect gift for any occasion. Orders which are paid for b...
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Chocolate Treasure + mulled wine

A chocolate treasure is not just a box of chocolates. It is a gift that you can personalize and give it a unique character. Poczta Kwiatowa® has prepared chocolates in a box that delight with their form. An elegant, wooden box with these sweets is per...
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Her Dream

A feminine handbag is associated with a place full of ... everything! What if, on the occasion of Women's Day, you give your woman a bag full of sweets? It would definitely be a great gift for the day! Her Dream is a gift basket full of sweets. The s...
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Miracle Gift

If you are wondering how to compose the perfect gift - we are here to help. Miraculous Set is a gift set with alcohol and quality products that will delight everyone who receives it with its content. Thanks to the careful selection of exclusive produ...
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Good start to the day

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The Mother’s Arms

The Poczta Kwiatowa® has created a unique gift especially for Mother’s Day – the Mother’s Arms. The wooden box shows a beautiful engraving showing a mother with her child, and Kelly Roper quotes: “There is no safer haven than a mother’s arms. ” In the ...

The desire of giving is the one of the most beautiful habits on Earth. The happiness in close ones eyes and their smile on their faces is a wonderful picture for each of us. Are you looking for a great gift to any occasion? Birthday? Mother's Day? Christmas?<

Gifts from Poczta Kwiatowa® offer

From our offer you certainy choose something perfect for you. Would you like to thank someone in original way? Say "I'm sorry"? Or maybe just happy a person close to you?

Original gift

Elegant boxes with unique graver, baskets full of sweets, delicious teas and real coffe, luxurious sets with wine, adorable mascots or beautiful jewelery make loved ones delighted! Remember about so true quote created by the author of "The Little Prince": True love will never end. The more you give, the more its stays.

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Fenomenalna niespodzianka dla bliskiej osoby
23.11.2021 r. Stefan Filoda
Spoko opcja z wygrawerowaniem życzeń na wieczku, prezent pod choinkę dla mamy z głowy ♥
23.11.2021 r. Pola
Great gift if you want to send more than just flowers. Comes with lots of sweets and goodies and will de...
21.07.2020 r. Edimar
Healthy present!
18.12.2018 r. Micaela