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Girl Power with a teddy bear is not only a gift set, but also a manifestation of strength and delicacy that is hidden in one elegant box. This unique set provides an unforgettable taste experience while celebrating the power of femininity.

In the wooden box, the recipient will find:
Chelton Loose Leaf Tea - a unique blend of tea leaves that spreads an aromatic bouquet and provides moments of relaxation with every sip. The perfect companion for moments of relaxation.
Rose-shaped gingerbread - a beautifully made gingerbread, which not only tempts with taste, but also in the form of a rose emphasizes the delicacy and beauty of femininity.
Raffaello pralines - elegant pralines that combine the crunchiness of coconut, the delicacy of cream and the sweetness of almonds, creating a heavenly taste composition.
White chocolate with raspberries Cachet - chocolate with a creamy texture, enriched with the fruity taste of raspberries. A combination of sweetness and freshness that melts on the palate.
Teddy bear.

Girl Power with a bear from Poczta Kwiatowa® is not only a set of flavours, but also an expression of appreciation and support. Perfect as a gift for strong, independent women who deserve a moment of sweetness and relaxation. It's an elegant combination that celebrates the power of feminine delicacy and sensuality.
A perfect gift for Women's Day!

Availability: All year

• Gingerbread Rose
• Chocolate Cachet IN LOVE (100g)
• Lily leaf tea in can Chelton (80g)
• Raffaello pralines (150g)
• Teddy bear
• Wooden box with a lid

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