Delivery on Sunday 23.06.2019

What is the best addition to your wishes? Gifts! They emphasize our words, giving them even more meaning. Folowing that line, Poczta Kwiatowa® has extended its activity for one more day! Now the flowers are available with delivery on Sundays so that everyone can have the chance to celebrate Father's Day in a special way.

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delivery in 3 h

Energy Bouquet

A real treat for fans of the Polish team! Doping requires twelfth player - fans! Order a bouquet with delivery to anywhere in Poland. Red roses, , white margaret, and gyosum flower - a patriotic bouquet in national colors - cheer our players! Thanks t...
delivery in 3 h

12th player

Are you looking for a special gift for a football fan? Let the 12th player support their team with this beautiful bouquet in Polish national colours. With our sport supporter set every game will become a unique experience. Regular beer can be replaced...
delivery in 3 h

"Sicilian" b...

Do you want to give a bouquet full of warmth? Travel to the south of Italy and order a "Sicilian" bouquet. Its sunny aura will warm up every heart. Bouquet arranged by the masters of floristry with the most beautiful flowers - chrysanthemums, pink rose...
delivery in 3 h

Flower composition wit...

Kwiaty i owoce w koszu to fantastyczny pomysł, jeśli chcesz zrobić niesamowite wrażenie! Lilie i gerbery to aromatyczna mieszanka, która, dzięki świeżym owocom, nabierze niepowtarzalnego charakteru. Musisz spróbować! Przedstawiony n...
delivery in 3 h

Colorful garden

Our florist opens the opportunity for you not to refuse - take your beloved to the most beautiful garden that exists. Give her a composition of gerberas, carnations, roses and liomonium. "Colorful garden" will lead you to the fairy-tale land. Give an u...
delivery in 3 h

A lovely gesture

Cloves, alstromers, red roses and santini decorated with decorative greenery arranged in a "Beautiful Gesture" bouquet is a wonderful composition that is perfect for a gift. Show the close ones how much they mean to you and decorate their day with a co...
delivery in 3 h

Bracing Bouquet

Are you looking for a bouquet for a man? Are you wondering if the bouquet will be right? Poczta Kwiatowa® finds a solution to this problem by adding a good beer to the bouquet! Order a composition of roses with beer make recipient will have matters a ...
delivery in 3 h

Bouquet for Andrew

Make a surprise to Andrew on his name-day. Bouquet of tea roses and six-pack of beer is a perfect gift for Saint Andrew’s Day. The beer brand is just an example. Beer brand can be changed.
delivery in 3 h

I am thinking about yo...

delivery in 3 h

Bouquet with beer

Great idea for a surprise: bouquet of flowers with a sip of hop refreshment. Make a lot of joy to your close ones by Poczta Kwiatowa®.
delivery in 3 h

A lot of happiness bou...

Chcesz sprawić radość bliskim i wywołać uśmiech na ich twarzach? Fioletowe irysy i żółte róże to odważne połączenie kolorystyczne, którym zaskoczysz swoich najbliższych. Taka kolorystycznie intensywna aranżacja z pewnością działa pobudzająco - od same...
delivery in 3 h

Name-day basket

delivery in 3 h

Happy birthday boquet

Dzisiejszy jubilat jest dla Ciebie kimś ważnym? Nasza kwiaciarnia internetowa wie, jak możesz złożyć mu najpiękniejsze życzenia "sto lat!". Wystarczy, że wybierzesz piękny bukiet z herbacianymi różami i dołączysz bilecik - gwarantujemy niezapomniane wr...
delivery in 3 h

Splendor bouquet

Let the splendor and good luck stay with the addressee thanks to the lovely flowers. Charming tea roses can be the right form of wishing somebody good luck. We recommend this bouquet especially as a present for someone's 18th Birthday.

The flowers on Father's Day

Who said that the flowers are only for women? The bouquets can also surprise men! Made in appropriate colors, arranged in an interesting composition and with a wonderful addition are a unique gift for Father's Day. They will not only be a beautiful addition to your wishes, but also a decoration that will long remind you of this day

The delivery of flowers on Sunday 23. 06. 2019

Poczta Kwiatowa® gives everyone a chance to so beautifully celebrate Father's Day, extending their activities for one day! Now you can deliver flowers even on Sunday! No more restrictions prevent you from making special wishes for your dad.

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7 roses for my auntie's 70th birthday... she was over the moon, they were lovely! Thank you :)
24.10.2018 r. Joanna
My man was finally happy! Thank U!
17.08.2018 r. Violet
I’m more then happy, and my mother was speechless . It was her 90th Bday, everything went very well. Per...
30.07.2018 r. Gabriela
bouquet of amazingly beautiful flowers
10.07.2018 r. Lea