Chocolate flowers

Discover the new Poczta Kwiatowa® product that combines beauty and taste. Order chocolate flowers! Created from milk and white chocolate, they are a unique gift or one of the ingredients of a wonderful surprise that will not only delight but also taste.

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Chocolate flowers

One of the most frequently chosen gifts for various occasions are flowers. They are associated with colors, beauty and intense scent. Until recently, it could also be treated as a wonderful decoration symbolizing a given moment. But their destiny has been extended by another aspect - sweetness! By introducing chocolate flowers to its offer, Poczta Kwiatowa® proves that even classic solutions can be combined with modernity.

Chocolate flowers

A new gift - chocolate flowers are therefore a proposal for those who are interested in other solutions and appreciate taste and elegance. Available in the form of a chocolate rose or chocolate tulip, they are a fully edible and unique gift or an addition to a gift basket or chocolate strawberries.

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Delivered on time. A basket worth its money.
16.11.2022 r. Ben
Perfect service every time.
16.09.2022 r. Aurora
The best choice!
15.09.2022 r. Tom
a romantic and delicious gift from boyfriend. The order was delivered quickly to the UK. cool
14.09.2022 r. Ola