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Monday, 21.08.2017 Nameday: Joanny i Franciszki


In our offer you will find the most beautiful presents for namesday thanks to which you will be able to suprise someone in an unforgettable way!
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Certainly each of us remembers the day in elementary school, when during our birthday we used to come to class with candys and our friends were singing "happy birthday". Our cheeks were bourning. But we felt, that this day is special for us. This is our day, anniversy of our birthday. And also the most important day in our lifes. In time, when we create emotional relationships we celebrate others birthday as ours and it is as important as our own.

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Birthday present must be special. Must be straight from the heart. Poczta Kwiatowa® knows, how important holiday the birthday is. With great care and commitment composes original birthday presents and put in them whole soul. Delicious chocolates, tasty teas and coffees, exclusive alkohol and lot more could be perfect to say "happy birthday"!

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I am very glad for shopping this flowers. I reccomended.

17.08.2017 r. Danuta