In our offer you will find the most beautiful gifts for birthday thanks to which you will be able to surprise someone in an unforgettable way!


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Salted Caramel

Salted carmel is a very popular taste. Poczta Kwiatowa follows the trends and adds to offer this original gift. Delicious liqueur and tasty pralines are a great set. Orders which are paid for before 12 o'clock will be delivered the next, working day...
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Jakobsen Set

High quality dark chocolate, various filling and real almonds with pralines, sweets and chocolate bar and Wedel Liqueur. Our products selection in an elegant wooden box will be a perfect gift for any occasion. Orders which are paid for before 12 o'...
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Gourmet basket

An excellent gift for special occasions. The Letter Basket from Poczta Kwiatowa® is a set of carefully selected products of valued brands, combined in a unique, aesthetic way. In the basket, among others: a delicious coconut chocolate, Belgian seashell...
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Gift box with presecco

Are you looking for elegant gift that please everyone? Check out Poczta Kwiatowa® offer and choose one of our gift sets. Gift box with delicious products like sparkling wine(prosecco), coffee, tea in an elegant package. It’s a gift that will be perfect...
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Box with Prosecco - red

The box from Prosecco is a unique and elegant gift from the rich offer of Poczta Kwiatowa®. High quality coffee and tea and delicious white sparkling wine. Everything carefully selected not only in quality but also in red colors. Thanks to this, a per...
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Sparkling mood

Celebrate this special moment with your close ones even if you are far away and send them Sparkling mood set! Orders which are paid for before 12 o'clock will be delivered the next, working day. Orders within the borders of the city of Warsaw can be d...
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Napoleon set

What is inside the „Napoleon” set makes us feel a little uneasy... It is a present for a real man. Do you know one and you want to give something to him? Napoleon Reserve, chocolate with pieces of gold, grinded coffee and an choclates box Don - what a ...
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Business class set

Two bottles of great Irish whiskey from the oldest licensed distillery in the world - Bushmills Original (also called White Bush) and Bushmills Original Black. As a stylish add - chocolate covered figs. There is also an option with engrave Orders whi...
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Elegant candy box

Skrzynka ze słodką niespodzianką? Oto prezent dla kogoś, na kim Ci zależy. Zapewnij bliskiej osobie miłe chwile - prześlij cukierki w eleganckim opakowaniu. Zamówienia opłacone do godziny 12. doręczymy następnego dnia roboczego. Zamówieni...
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Chocolate wishes

Wybór pięciu czekolad w eleganckiej, drewnianej skrzyni. Zamów dostawę prezentu pod dowolny adres w Polsce i tym samym prześlij komuś naprawdę wyjątkowe (czekoladowe!) życzenia. Zamówienia opłacone do godziny 12. doręczymy następnego dnia roboczego. Z...
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Basket with fruits

A great present with a lot of vitamin C, which will help you go through the cold autumn-winter days. Mango, melon, pineapple and other fruits will show how much you care and deliver your warm wishes to your close ones. Orders which are paid for before ...

Certainly each of us remembers the day in elementary school, when during our birthday we used to come to class with candys and our friends were singing "happy birthday". Our cheeks were bourning. But we felt, that this day is special for us. This is our day, anniversy of our birthday. And also the most important day in our lifes. In time, when we create emotional relationships we celebrate others birthday as ours and it is as important as our own.

Birthday gif
Birthday present must be special. Must be straight from the heart. Poczta Kwiatowa® knows, how important holiday the birthday is. With great care and commitment composes original birthday presents and put in them whole soul. Delicious chocolates, tasty teas and coffees, exclusive alkohol and lot more could be perfect to say "happy birthday"!

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