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Looking for an elegant one? The new proposal from Poczta Kwiatowa® is an elegant wine cooler filled to the brim with delicious candies.

Cooler wine is a vessel resembling a bucket, which is filled with ice to cool the bottle before serving. The wine should be cooled first, for example in the fridge, thanks to which we will prevent the temperature in the vessel from rising.
This is a very useful gadget that will keep the drink at the right temperature for several hours - even if it's hot outside.

Our gift is not only a wine cooler with Prosecco. In addition, we filled it with delicious caramel-flavored candies and sparkling Prosecco wine.
The whole thing looks very elegant and chic, so it will be a great gift even for important occasions!

The rose and the glass are only a decoration for the photo.

Availability: All year

• 2x Candies Jakobsen caramel (125g)
• Prosecco Pecunia Diamond Collection (0,7l)
• Elegant Wine Cooler

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Very professional customer service. I would highly recommend.
25.11.2022.yr Carol

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