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Orange Box is a phenomenal gift that transports the recipient to an aromatic world of chocolate sensations and delicate prosecco bubbles. Housed in an elegant wooden box, the set is a unique blend of flavours, perfect for a variety of occasions.

At the center of this set is Cachet orange chocolate with nuts. This is a delicious chocolate that boldly combines the intensity of dark chocolate with the refreshing taste of orange and the crunchiness of nuts. It is a real treat for the palate, where every bite opens the door to the world of refined flavours.
To complete this unique experience, the box contains two small bottles of prosecco. This sparkling wine with delicate bubbles brings lightness and elegance to the moment of consumption. The joyful taste of prosecco blends perfectly with the intensity of chocolate, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours.

The wooden box that houses this tasteful set adds to the overall elegant and classic aesthetic. Closable with a clip, the box can serve as a practical souvenir of a delicious experience or as a charming stash for trinkets.

The orange box is not only a gift for the palate, but also an expression of care and attention to detail. It will be perfect as a gift for many occasions, from birthdays to romantic get-togethers, always adding a touch of luxury and taste to special moments.

Poczta Kwiatowa® Zamówienia opłacone do godziny 17:00 doręczymy następnego dnia roboczego. Zamówienia na terenie Warszawy doręczamy tego samego dnia po potwierdzeniu telefonicznym. Do wybranych miejscowości doręczamy prezenty także w sobotę.

Availability: All year

• Dark chocolate (57%) Cachet orange-almond (100g)
• Wooden box, closed box
• 2x Prosecco Mionetto (0,2l)

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