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"All Saints’ Day is coming. This day is a memorable day for our close friends and relatives that are no longer with us. The symbol of our memory is a .... grave candle. This is why it is so important to light a candle on our close person’s grave on this day.
Poczta Kwiatowa ® prepared a set of 12 grave candles made of colored glass you can order with home delivery. You will find here grave candles with a refill - easy to replace once it is finished.
The set consists of:
6 small grave candles (3 white + 3 red) about 12cm long and burning time about 10h;
6 big grave candles (2 white + 2 red + 2 yellow) about 15cm long and burning time about 15h.

This is a set of traditional grave candles that will go perfectly with every grave. Glass won’t melt because of the flame temperature. Rest assured - this is a safe choice.
Order the set of grave candles Poczta Kwiatowa ® with home delivery even today and skip shopping outside. Your safety is our top priority."

Availability: All year

6 małych zniczy (3 białe + 3 czerwone)
6 dużych zniczy ( 2 białe + 2 czerwone + 2 żółte)

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