Customer reviews

Breathy of spring

fast and very professional flower delivery and a very nice courier.

24.11.2022 r. Christian
Blush bouquet

Thank you very much for the wonderful, color-matched and beautifully arranged bouquet.. I am happy to recommend your company to my friends..

24.11.2022 r. Lone
Romantic evening

Nice bouquet, excellent supplier. Punctual, communicative, friendly. I highly recommend.

24.11.2022 r. Jensen
Pastel composition

A nice and aesthetically arranged and packaged bouquet. Nice shipment and courier.

24.11.2022 r. Noah
Corporate basket Poczta Kwiatowa®

Nice, aesthetically made bouquet, nice courier.

24.11.2022 r. Olsen
Name-day basket

Ease of ordering, quite good descriptions, it's been a while and so far the recipients are always happy, the flowers are fresh. The medium size is very optimal. Nice to be able to add extras.

24.11.2022 r. Marja
Abundance basket

Thank you for the mediation in the delivery of a tasty parcel

24.11.2022 r. Adah
Bouquet for Andrew

Delectable flower courier. I heartily recommend

24.11.2022 r. Kate
Energy Bouquet

The flowers were delivered quickly and professionally

24.11.2022 r. Matt
12th player

Very nice courier, beautiful bouquet, he and my great surprise with the shipment. Thank you

24.11.2022 r. Emma

Latwosc zamowienia, sybki porces.

11.11.2022 r. Anna G.
Precious time

Easy, reliable and very good value for the money spent

10.11.2022 r. Paolo
Colourful bouquet

Very good service ,amazing flowers delievery was great thanks for service

10.11.2022 r. Luca
Good morning flowers

Very good service

10.11.2022 r. Adele
Tulips for women with teddy bear

Fast and professional delivery. Wide selection of goods and they are exactly as described. They Accept payments from the United States. I would absolutely use them again. Only recommended improvement is to fix the mobile site. Currently it’s too glitchy.

10.11.2022 r. Liam
Tango bouquet

Good site, fast delivery and relly good products

10.11.2022 r. Giorgia
Flowers- carnations.

First time i ordered and I'm glad to say it was good was in time and flowers are fresh.will use again. Thank you

10.11.2022 r. Julia
Elegant white rose with coconut strawberries and mini chocolate roses

Great value for my money. Came with lots sweets and goodies and I paired it with a teddy bear. The recipient liked it very much and made her day.

10.11.2022 r. Neil
Dream flowers

Good experience, nice products

10.11.2022 r. Perla
I am thinking about you flowers

nice flower arrangement

10.11.2022 r. Harry
Genuine succes

Driver the lady really nice with smile happy on delivery !! Excellent 2 . Flowers stunning !! Good value for money !! 3. Wine box with sweets Excellent !! Is really hard to find good flower company Poczta Kwiatowa 5* Highly recommended !!

10.11.2022 r. Peter
Elegant white rose with coconut strawberries and mini chocolate roses

Very nice and convenient service especially now when it takes so long to send anything via mail to a different country

10.11.2022 r. Michelle
Elegant red rose with coconut strawberries and mini chocolate roses

She said it was really pretty. She really liked it and it really made her happy. Nice service.

10.11.2022 r. Ethan
Flowers with blush

Punctual delivery. Flowers looked exactly as pictured on website. Nicely done!

10.11.2022 r. Martha
Bouquet Good Luck

Nice, however at the computer there was a message about the payment wasn't done, but I did. At the end everything went fine.

10.11.2022 r. Matt
Pastel Bouquet

Very nice service and flowers! The delivery was very punctual.

10.11.2022 r. Adie
Amber Bouquet

Awesome! This was my first time buying from U.S , i sent flowers and a nice teddy bear to my GF, She was so Happy. I am trying to buy more stuff , the deliver was so fast. Thank You

10.11.2022 r. Sandy
Dream flowers

Thank you for your nice service

10.11.2022 r. Stacy
Flower flame bouquet

This delivery of lady was so friendly and nicely! Thank you for everything she did.!

10.11.2022 r. Farah
Whisper of love flowers

Strona łatwa w obsłudze, dziękuję Emilia

02.11.2022 r. Emilia B.