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Dark and Gold with red rose is a sensual combination of taste, elegance and romance that will make every moment extraordinary and unique.

Delicate strawberries, full of juiciness and sweetness, are combined in a set with delicious Ferrero Rocher pralines. This unique composition of excellent ingredients combines the intensity of fruit with the velvety of chocolate, creating unforgettable taste sensations.
To emphasize the uniqueness of this product, each serving is accompanied by a red rose – a symbol of love and elegance. It is not only a delicious delicacy, but also a perfect gift for romantic dates, anniversaries or special occasions.

Dark and Gold with red rose is not just food, it is an experience for the senses. Crossing the boundaries of taste, it introduces to the world of luxury and love, adding a unique charm to every moment. Make every occasion special – choose this exquisite product and immerse yourself in sensory pleasure.

Give your loved one this elegant and delicious gift! Each strawberry has been carefully placed in a separate compartment in an elegant box.

Availability: All year

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