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White and red - apart from patriotic expression, they may also indicate something forbidden and unattainable that is compatible with passion and innocence. Above all, however, the red flowers in the white box are extremely aesthetic, breathtaking and unique.

Delimaro™ flower box product - red roses in a subdued white box is a gift for elegant ladies and for special occasions. It can be used both as an exclusive gift and as a decoration during a ceremonial reception

Flowers in a box do not require watering. The product comes from the diamond collection series of Poczta Kwiatowa®.

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No regrets, first time I use poczta kwiatowa, and now i can say that I will definitely use again
17.12.2018.yr Andrzej
Wonderful box!!
29.04.2018.yr Charlotte
Thank you. It arrived on time and in good condition. I will use the service again.
17.11.2017.yr Lucy

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