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„Irena" by Małgorzata Kalicińska and Barbara Grabowska is a brilliant and moving novel about three different women.

Dorota's mother is 53 years old. She's completely incapacitated in life. Her daughter, 27-year-old Jagna, is the complete opposite of her. Working in a corporation, he's a success story. Irene, on the other hand, is Dorota's sewn-in aunt. Widow and walking wisdom.

Dorota believes that Jagna has achieved nothing in her life, but only agrees to corporate slavery. A mother would prefer her daughter to finally get married and not have only a job in her head. Although Jagna has a bad tolerance for her mother's lack of acceptance, she feels that the real cause of their conflicts is elsewhere. And he's not wrong. Well, Jagna is not Dorothy's first child. She had previously given birth to a boy who had died. Dorota never got over it, but Jagna never found out that she had a brother. Women increasingly argue and distance themselves from each other. That's when Irene gets into action...

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