Grandparents Day

Grandchildren - Grandmother's and Grandfather's Day is your chance to show your close ones how much you appreciate years of being taken care of. Surprise your Grandparents, send gifts and flowers. This way you can thank them, simply, for being there for you.


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Bouquet of 11 tulips f...

Tulipany to piękne wiosenne kwiaty, które kojarzone są z radością, świeżością i dobrą nowiną. Bukiet tulipanów z pewnością wywoła uśmiech na twarzy obdarowanej osoby. Poczta Kwiatowa® stworzyła wspaniały bukiet nie tylko dla kobiet. Różowe tulipany ...
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I love you Grandma

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Bouquet for grandparen...

Beautiful bouquet for grandparents with nalewka - a Polish traditional alcoholic beverage. Pastel flowers will bring joy to your grandmother or grandfather on their special day.
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Impression bouquet

The Impressionists painters were aiming closeness of nature, they wanted to catch sensual, fleeting moments - catch unique mood of the moment. the Impression bouquet is a light flower arrangement with roses, daisies, agapanthus, eustoma and limonium in...
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9 tulips bouquet

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Parisian bouquet

The Parisian bouquet are flowers which are on the top of the list of the most frequently ordered at our company. The magical colours of this charming composition will enchant any addressee. Order roses, carnations and oxeye daisies in a colourful paper...
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Provencal Garden

Podaruj bliskim wyjątkowe kwiaty w bajkowej kompozycji w pastelowych kolorach. Zdecyduj się na hiacynty, krokus i tulipany - Kompozycja Ogród Prowansalski wniosie do domu bliskiej osoby powiew wiosny!
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I am thinking about yo...

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Fairytale Flowers

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Have a nice day flowers

Shorten the distance dividing the two of you and send a smile with flowers. The sensous lily and unique gerbera accompanied by santini will astonish even the most demanding people! Trust us and send flowers online. Our florist will prepare an extraordi...
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50 colourful tulips

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Good morning bouquet

Podaruj uśmiech! Wyślij bliskiej osobie przepiękny, kolorowy bukiet, w który główną role gra pachnąca lilia. Ciepła kolorystyka kwiatów z pewnością odzwierciedli Twoje pozytywne emocje! Już teraz zamów kwiaty na telefon, są ...

Do you remember this happiness in the eyes of Grandma, when, in childhood, you gave her a little flower growing somwhere next to road? This gratitude on Grandpa's face, when you gave him a self-made colorfull card? They, full of love, gave us from themselves everything what they can to make us happy.

Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day is a beautiful holiday. This is a beautiful time, when we especially would like to show them our gratitude for everything what they gave us.

Flowers for Grandma and Grandpa
And is there more beautiful way to express your feelings than send them a beautiful bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers? Also delicious chocolates closed in the original and elegant box with graver and warmest wishes could put some sweet in their hearts. In the Poczta Kwiatowa® offer dedicated to Grandparents Day you will find the most beautiful presents.

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insanely beautiful bouquet of thank you =)
13.06.2016 r. Ivan