Gift that remind the recipient about sender's gesture? Pot plants accept the challenge! Send plant flowers into each and every place in Poland.

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Orchid in a pot

Are you wondering what flower is perfect for any occasion? Poczta Kwiatowa® will solve your problem! We present a orchid - a symbol of perfection. Thanks to florists from Poczta Kwiatowa, this unique flower has become even more exotic. Let yourself abs...
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Calathea Makoyana

A beautiful potted plant with extremely decorative foliage. It has large, oval leaves set on slender stems. The light green surface of the leaves has fancy, dark green, hand-painted patterns, dots, lines and borders. The underside of the leaf plate tak...
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Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum in a pot
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Forest in a jar DIY - ...

Woods in a jar are a popular form of decoration and composition, which you can now do yourself. Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a product thanks to which we create the work we have always dreamed of. Just order the set Las w słoku DIY - Bonsai!
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Forest in a DIY jar - ...

Forests in a jar are a new and extremely popular form of interior decoration. Poczta Kwiatowa® offers a product that we can create ourselves, making this work even more unique. Order a set of Forest in a DIY jar - Jungle!
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Forest in a jar DIY - ...

Forests in a jar are a very popular form ofdecoration and composition. PocztaKwiatowa® offers a product with whichsuch a work can be created by ourselves. Just order the set Forest in a jar DIY - Grove!
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Kordylina Mambo

Poczta Kwiatowa® offer has been extended by another proposal! Kordylina Mambo- wonderful plant in a pot is now available with delivery. It is distinguished by long, shiny leaves. She is thermophilic, although she does not like direct sunlight. It perfe...
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Another pot plant introduced by Poczta Kwiatowa® is Monstera It is characterized by wide, heart shaped leaves and quite long stems. It tolerates the apartment conditions very well. However, it requires half a shady place, because it does not like direc...
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Potted flowers, which are also anti-smog plants, are the latest Poczta Kwiatowa® product. They combine beauty, elegance and healing qualities such as air purification! A fantastic example of this is Dracena. This inconspicuous flower in a pot is resist...
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Poczta Kwiatowa® offer another antismog plant - Zamiokulkas. It is potted flower with long stems and shiny leaves. It is called an iron plant because it is resistant to unfavourable conditions or even to water shortage. However, it likes sunny places. ...

Potted plants

Ordering bouquets of flowers we're often afraid of their short lives. We would like our flowers to stay fresh as long as possible. In this case ordering potted plants is the best solution, because they are extremely durable. Long life of a plant can be a symbol of our long lasting feelings. Every time recipient looks on a plant, it will bring good memories back - about that important moment and about us. Our close one can also observe the effects of his care and work on this floral gift.

Potted plants from our offer

What potted plants to choose? Most recommended are orchids or spathiphyllum, because they have the longest life and unique, slightly exotic look. The perfect choice is also a composition of daffodils, primulas and hyacinths, because you can always move the flowers to the garden and enjoy them the next spring.

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Lovely flowers and on time
17.12.2018 r. Maya
Great service, I recommend
13.06.2018 r. Julia
Very nice flowers :)
30.05.2018 r. Lewis
My granddad is delighted, thank you a lot
27.05.2018 r. Elizabeth