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Sweet excitement

Chcesz w subtelny sposób wyrazić swoje uczucia i czule szepnąć "Kocham Cię"? Przygotowaliśmy specjalny bukiet róż, który podbije serce każdej kobiety. Kokosowe Rafaello i kwiaty - odbiorczyni przeżyje z nimi słodkie uniesienie. Zał...
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Eros' flowers

You want to confess love and you have no idea how to do it? Send flowers online and our florist will compose a unique and exceptional bouquet for you. Nothing can express the word „love” better than a red rose, a synonym of beauty and passion. Surprise...
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Bouquet of 30 roses wi...

"Roses are beautiful flowers symbolizing love and passion, they are a universal gift that is perfect for expressing feelings from a distance. Give a surprise to a loved one and send a beautiful bouquet of 30 roses, show that you remember despite the mi...
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18 roses in a basket

Kwiaciarnia internetowa Poczty Kwiatowej przedstawia kosz, w którym rozkwitły zachwycające róże. Zamów tę niezwykłą aranżację, dołącz bilecik z życzeniami i okaż bliskim pamięć o nich... nawet bez okazji! Kolor róż możesz wy...
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I'm sorry bouquet

Pink and white composition is a gentle way to express pure emotions. Give them to the person whose forgiveness you want - emphasize the purity of intention with white roses, and express gratitude and admiration with the beauty of the girl with pink flo...
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The Romantic Story bou...

The Romantic Story bouquet is a classy, subtle, womanly composition of flowers. Roses and gillyflowers will make your dearest feel special and loved.
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Hearts bouquet

Your beloved likes to be surprised? In that case, the Bouquet of Hearts will be perfect for you! In this bouquet, satin hearts are decorated with wonderful red gerberas. Get into a remarkable combination and show your beloved how much you can afford in...
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Passionate moments bou...

Is there a symbol of love more expressive than a heart? YES! A heart with roses inside! Pick these flowers if somebody you love is far and you want to assure him that despite the distance your love is still blooming.
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50 roses in a basket

Zamów kwiaty przez Internet - róże w koszu to okazała niespodzianka, która odwzierciedli ogrom Twoich uczuć! 50 róż będzie jak 50 pocałunków, które prześlesz jej z pomocą tej romantycznej, klasycznej kompozycji.
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Crystal shine flowers

Roses bathed in crystals can be in the hands of your friend or family even in a few hours . A beautiful and original combination. It's enough to order these flowers on our website, and soon your beloved will be able to enjoy their beauty, and admire th...

Do you love?

Wonderful! Love - passionate, durable or between friends - is the most beautiful feeling which we can share with the others. That's why we care so much about it and celebrate it everyday, making every moment unique and full of happiness. It's worth every effort and every minute.

Love story

For ages men have shown their feelings to women by giving them flowers. This beautiful, fragrant gift can express more than any words. Choosing a bouquet for a loved one we should know the meaning of flowers. The most common choice are of course compositions of red roses - the symbol of passionate, everlasting love. Poczta Kwiatowa® also recommends bouquets of colorful roses or mixed flowers - romantic and original will surely make the recipient happy. Thanks to us Your loved one will feel unique.

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