For grandmother

Poczta Kwiatowa® offer is so wide that everyone can find something for themselves or others for various occasions. Here, beautiful flower compositions for grandmother were selected and created. Composed for the most experienced member of the family, they conceal not only charm and class, but also words and great meaning.

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Flowers with blush

It is common knowledge that there is no better way to give a gift than flowers. It's not important the opportunity or the season. What matters is the gesture! With cool evenings in mind, Poczta Kwiatowa® has combined a wonderful amber bouquet with exce...
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Colorful meadow bouquet

Discover the beauty of Mother Nature and place an order for the "Colorful Meadow" bouquet. It is a beautiful arrangement of eustomas, asters and roses that will take you to a flowery meadow bathed in the sun.
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Painted Bouquet

Imagine the smile and surprise of a loved one at the sight of the courier of Poczta Kwiatowa® with a bouquet of various fresh, intensely fragrant flowers. The "Painted" bouquet owes its name to its colorful composition - red roses and lilies, white and...
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Sunny bouquet with nec...

Gerbery, róże i lilie w bajecznym bukiecie to propozycja dla tych, którzy chcą wyrazić najpiękniejsze uczucia - podziękować, pogratulować, lub po prostu powiedzieć "tęsknię". By przesłać odbiorcy promyk lata, kompozycja zawiera również 1 kg nektarynek....
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Sunny bouquet with str...

Gerberas, roses and lilies in a fabulous bouquet is an offer for those who want to express the most beautiful feelings - thank you, congratulate you, or just say "I miss you". Give relatives the taste and smell of wonderful Polish crops and a sunny ray...
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Flowers for summertime

Podziel się z bliskimi urokiem letnich dni! Słonecznik w wyjątkowym, kwiatowym towarzystwie doskonale odda urok wakacyjnych chwil. Poczta Kwiatowa - u nas zamówisz najpiękniejsze kwiaty przez Internet. Sprawdź, jakie to proste.
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Flower composition wit...

Kwiaty i owoce w koszu to fantastyczny pomysł, jeśli chcesz zrobić niesamowite wrażenie! Lilie i gerbery to aromatyczna mieszanka, która, dzięki świeżym owocom, nabierze niepowtarzalnego charakteru. Musisz spróbować! Przedstawiony n...
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Fall bouquet

Chcesz złożyć życzenia? Przeprosić, podziękować, powiedzieć, że kochasz, a może po prostu udowodnić, jak piękna jest polska jesień? Kwiaty na telefon wyręczą Cię we wszystkich tych przypadkach. Podaruj szczególnej osobie tę szczególną ara...
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Holiday bouquet

Fragrant carnations, subtle irises, elegant roses, delicate eustomy - this ethereal, colorful bouquet is the essence of summer! Give a surprise to someone who associates you with such warmth. Let Poczta Kwiatowa® warm up those who have these beautiful ...
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Bouquet of rays

"A hot heart? Bouquet Promyki is the perfect composition for you. Red and yellow tulips create an amazing combination. Some are a sign of love, joy and passion, while the other is a symbol of the sun, warmth and freshness. Give a loved one a beautiful ...

For grandmother

In our childhood the main roles were played by our parents. They showed us the world, sensitized life and opened the way for us. They were always there when we needed them the most But they were not the only ones who raised us. Their faithful helper was always grandmother! She was such a quiet support, but so helpfull. It is worth thanking her for her presence and emphasizing her value from time to time.

Flowers for grandmother

But how to do this? Poczta Kwiatowa® answers: in the simplest way - flowers for grandmothers. This colorful, extremely beautiful and delicate gift is an expression of every thank you and gratitude. Differentiated bouquets not only ennoble the moment, but will also be a reminder of the very important role played by grandmothers in our lives.

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Delivered on time and good quality. My wife was very happy with these.
17.12.2018 r. Juliet
Flowers were gorgeous.
17.09.2018 r. Rachel
Everything ok
17.09.2018 r. Dave
Delivered on time with almost no problems. I'm so satisfied :)
23.08.2018 r. Florence