For grandmother

Poczta Kwiatowa® offer is so wide that everyone can find something for themselves or others for various occasions. Here, beautiful flower compositions for grandmother were selected and created. Composed for the most experienced member of the family, they conceal not only charm and class, but also words and great meaning.

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I remember about you f...

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Udowodnij ważnym dla Ciebie ludziom, że o nich pamiętasz. Gerbery, margaretki i róże w klasycznej kompozycji idealnie się do tego nadadzą. Podaruj kwiaty z pomocą Poczty Kwiatowej i skróć dystans między Wami! W związku z chwilowym ogra...
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Bouquet Good Luck

Rozbaw bliskich nietypową i oryginalną aranżacją przygotowaną przez firmę Poczta Kwiatowa®. Wyślij bukiet na szczęście, z którego aż bije pozytywna energia i który uśmiecha się wesoło różnorodnymi barwami.
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Bouquet for grandparen...

Awaken the family! A bouquet prepared especially for the feast of grandmother and grandfather. A cherry liqueur is included in the pastel bouquet. Thank your loved ones for years of care and support, and surprise with beautiful flowers and good alcohol...
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Fairytale Flowers

Did you know that the participants of independent research by Harvard University researchers admitted that they felt "at least positively", and certainly more happily in the morning hours, if the first thing they focused on when they woke up were flowe...
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Like it

Like in the song "That's the way I like it" - a composition of flowers in a way that everyone will like - colorful, radiant, fragrant, and at the same time not being combined. Apparently, the most persistent we remember the colors and smells - by sendi...
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Poczta Kwiatowa® is a partner of the producer of the new blockbuster from Hollywood! On this occasion, we prepared a bouquet to the "Mother's Day" movie. (directed by Garry Marshall, author of "Pretty Woman" and "The Princess Diaries"). Do you want...
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Joyful bouquet

The "Joyful" bouquet is a new arrangement from the emerald collection of Poczta Kwiatowa®. Arranged by floristic masters, it delights with its charm. It's a perfect idea for an original gift that will impress your beloved ones.
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Sunny Cup bouquet

Is it sunny summer or snowy winter - give your loved ones some sun in the Sunny Cup! A beautiful bouquet composed of eustoma, yellow roses, carnations and limonium composed by the best florists will make this day special. Let these beautiful roses make...
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Amber Bouquet

Tulips are unique spring flowers that delight with their appearance, beautiful color and durability. A bouquet of orange tulips with the addition of a red plaster will certainly enchant the recipient. Poczta Kwiatowa® has created for all women - Bouque...
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Fairy's Bouquet

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For grandmother

In our childhood the main roles were played by our parents. They showed us the world, sensitized life and opened the way for us. They were always there when we needed them the most But they were not the only ones who raised us. Their faithful helper was always grandmother! She was such a quiet support, but so helpfull. It is worth thanking her for her presence and emphasizing her value from time to time.

Flowers for grandmother

But how to do this? Poczta Kwiatowa® answers: in the simplest way - flowers for grandmothers. This colorful, extremely beautiful and delicate gift is an expression of every thank you and gratitude. Differentiated bouquets not only ennoble the moment, but will also be a reminder of the very important role played by grandmothers in our lives.

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Delivered on time and good quality. My wife was very happy with these.
17.12.2018 r. Juliet
Flowers were gorgeous.
17.09.2018 r. Rachel
Everything ok
17.09.2018 r. Dave
Delivered on time with almost no problems. I'm so satisfied :)
23.08.2018 r. Florence