Poczta Kwiatowa's offer includes flowers for every occasion. Order flowers for Mother's Day, wedding bouquets and flowers for Women's Day.

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Only you flowers

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Flowers- colourful roses

Zaskocz bliskich ciekawą i oryginalną kompozycją z kolorowych róż! Spraw, aby każdy dzień ukochanej osoby był tak radosny i piękny, jak te kwiaty! Bogactwo barw i ciekawa aranżacja oczarują każdego! Floryści z naszej kwiaciarni przygotowali to n...
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Orchid- elegance and f...

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Congratulations for a ...

Appreciate a woman for her effort during her pregnancy. Show her gratitude show how strong you loved her and how much she means to you. A richly spun-shaped bouquet with greenery and rose and freesia in it. White harmonizes with green, creating a compo...
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Cupid flowers

If it is difficult for us to be alone it is worth it to ask for help from Cupid. Our "Cupid" is armed with 21 red tulips that will go straight into the heart and tastes of the chosen one. With us flowers through the Internet is the best way to fulfill ...
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Joyful day composition

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Composition with gilly...

Colourful gillyflowers in a basket will make the beloved person feel a nice breeze of spring. Express your feeling by sending these charming flowers and delivering unforgettable experiences!
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Aromatic bouquet

Beautiful, aromatic flowers will help you send the best of wishes. A red rose, as a symbol of the deepest of feelings and a white freesia being a symbol of pure intentions is a great combination. Make sure the other person's mood is right and make a ni...
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Pink treasure

Czasami ubrać w słowa uczucia czy myśli jest trudno. Pomocą mogą okazać się kwiaty, a mianowicie Różowy Skarb. To piękne połączenie różu z zielenią to sama delikatność i wdzięk. Ta typowo kobieca kompozycja nadaje się, aby właśnie wyrazić te wszystkie ...
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The Romantic Story bou...

The Romantic Story bouquet is a classy, subtle, womanly composition of flowers. Roses and gillyflowers will make your dearest feel special and loved.
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The Sweet kiss flowers

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Reception bouquet

Do you need advice on a wedding bouquet? Can not you get to the place of reception? Do you want to congratulate the newly wed couple? Florist Poczta Kwiatowa® is a specialist in the field of wedding bouquets. Emphasize this special day by ordering rose...
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Welcome to the world c...

There is no more beautiful thing in the world than birth. Celebrate these magical moments in a proper way. Welcome the child in the world with a wonderful composition with an elephant mascot! Move the little one and his parents to the world of the "mys...
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Angel Wreath

W naszej specjalnej ofercie znaleźć można wyjątkowe kompozycje. Wiązanka "Anielska" to piękna aranżacja utrzymana w śnieżnobiałej tonacji przyozdobiona zielenią dekoracyjną. Realizacja możliwa jedynie w wybranych regionach Polski.
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Composition Consolation

Jeśli nie możesz być z rodziną w trudnych chwilach, daj im znać, że ich wspierasz i o nich myślisz. Pożegnaj zmarłą osobę wysyłając bukiet kwiatów i pozwól im poczuć, że jesteś blisko. Nasza kwiaciarnia internetowa przygotuje kompozycję z...
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Bouquet of rays

"A hot heart? Bouquet Promyki is the perfect composition for you. Red and yellow tulips create an amazing combination. Some are a sign of love, joy and passion, while the other is a symbol of the sun, warmth and freshness. Give a loved one a beautiful ...
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Delimaro ™ set with a ...

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Success Bouquet in pro...

Flower-giving is also the care of business contacts! The Success Bouquet will perfectly represent your company! The bouquets are delivered by a courier company. In order to preserve the quality, the products are sent in a protective box.
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From the depths of my ...

"Composition with unique colors arranged in a black elegant package. A bouquet of lilies, alstromeria, carnations, and santini is the perfect gift to express your feelings flowing straight from the heart. In order to preserve the quality of the produc...
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Subtle Affection compo...

In our arrangement an elegant white and subtle purple were closed in a white gift box. Roses, eustoma, santini and floral accessories were selected to show its natural beauty. In order to preserve quality of products, flowers are packed in a protectiv...
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Sunny Kiss compostion ...

Sunny Kiss is an original composition of hand-arranged flowers carefully selected to delight with its beauty. In order to preserve the quality of the product, the bouquets are packed in a protective box and delivered by a courier company.
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Flowerbox with chocola...



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Bouquet Christmas aura

Poczta Kwiatowa® help us in this difficult choice, offers another beautiful Christmas composition. This time, fresh roses and carnations of intense red colour were combined with contrasting, bright green santini and Christmas accents like baubles, cone...

The art of giving flowers

First of all - cut flowers are the most elegant ones. Potted plants are suitable for the closest ones, gift baskets for business partners - to everyone else we can safely send cut flowers. Secondly, we can hear that the number of flowers have to be unpaired. It's not exacly true - we can give someone flowers in the meaningful number, even if it's geminate. Following this thought - a bouquet of twelwe, eighteen, thirty, fifty or hundred of roses is not inappropriate at all.

Flower meaning

How to choose perfect flowers? We have to remember that in Poland the most of colours and flowers have their specific occasions when we can give them. Chrysanthemum for example is used only at the funerals and grave decorations. We also shouldn't send yellow daffodils to our loved one, because one of their meanings is jealousy. In this case red or pink roses would be just perfect. And if it's our friend's birthday, proper will be sunflowers or freesias.

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Ordered for my Mom's Birthday medium box (blue). Great delivery - on time! And very nice quality. Sat...
28.06.2022 r. Kateryna
Buon compleanno Amore mio infinito
14.06.2022 r. sergio
Zamówiłem o 8, o 9:30 były na miejscu. Tulipany świeże, jeszcze nie rozwinięte. Polecam.
08.03.2022 r. Rafał Przybysz
Beautiful Flowers, sweet chocolates, fast delivery. The box makes them so easy to display and they last...
12.02.2022 r. Troy