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Christmas tree is an inseparable element of Christmas decorations. We love it when it delights us with its natural shape, spectacular decoration and, above all, the characteristic smell that gives a festive atmosphere throughout the house. One of the common customs in families is to decorate the Christmas tree together. Thanks to Poczta Kwiatowa® you can give your loved ones a tradition that is so important to us.Christmas tree with decoration in silver-gold colours is delivered by a courier. There are three variants of this set - small, medium and large. They differ only in the number and variety of Christmas decorations added to the Christmas tree. These are classic, but also full of charm and elegance ornaments - baubles, pendants, lamps, chains and a shiny tip in the form of a star. Send Christmas tree with decoration to your loved ones. They will be delighted by your gesture, gift and opportunity to spend time together.

Availability: 01.12 - 31.12

Żywa choinka 120-170 cm
Ozdoby świąteczne w srebrno-złotej kolorystyce: bombki, lampki, łańcuchy

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