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A Christmas tree is an inseparable element of Christmas decorations. We love it when it delights us with its natural shape, effective decorations, and, above all, its characteristic scent that gives the whole house a festive atmosphere.
One of the commonly celebrated customs in families is to decorate the Christmas tree together. Thanks to Poczta Kwiatowa®, you can give your loved ones a chance to continue the tradition this year.

You can buy here freshly cut Christmas tree in 3 different options:
- small: just a Christmas tree app. 170cm
- medium: a Christmas tree app. 170cm with a small set of Christmas decorations
- large: a Christmas tree app. 170cm with a big set of Christmas decorations

The size of the Christmas tree is always the same and about 120 cm. You choose the number of elements with which you will decorate your Christmas tree with your family.

Among the included Christmas decorations, depending on the selected option, you will find gold and silver baubles, a chain, lights and the most important element - a star. In addition to the large option, we have added a stand-in in which this beautiful Christmas tree can be easily placed.

The accessories have been selected so that the Christmas tree is elegant, classic, and universal in terms of colors, thanks to which it will suit any room.
Make yourself happy and send a living Christmas tree with decorations to your loved ones. They will be delighted with your gesture, gift, and opportunity to spend time together in a special way.

Notice! The Christmas tree ordered since 20.12 has app. 170cm height. Before that date all Christmas trees has app. 120cm height.
Each Christmas tree you buy as "Christmas tree with decoration" is cut Caucasian Fir.

Availability: 01.12 - 31.12

-freshly cut Christmas Tree app.170cm

-freshly cut Christmas Tree app.170cm
- 10x violet angels
-4xgold or silver Christmas tree chain
- 2x 100 yellow LED lights
- 1xstar

-freshly cut Christmas Tree app.170cm<- 10x violet angels
-4xgold or silver Christmas tree chain
- 2x 100 yellow LED lights
- 1xstar
-4x gold Christmas baubles
-4x silver Christmas baubles
-1x green Christmas Tree stand

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