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Discover the unique set of Golden Thoughts, which combines elegance, taste and high quality. This carefully composed set, enclosed in an elegant wooden box, is a perfect gift for any occasion that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

The set includes:
Miód Miody Polskie: Natural, high-quality honey that delights with its rich taste and aroma. Ideal for tea, pastries or as a healthy snack.
BeneOlive Olive Oil: Delicious olive oil that goes perfectly with salads, Mediterranean dishes and more. Its delicate taste and aroma will emphasize the uniqueness of every meal.
Premium Canned Cucumbers: Crispy and aromatic premium canned cucumbers that are the perfect addition to sandwiches, salads or main courses.
Feletti Chocolate Pralines: Sophisticated chocolate pralines that melt in the mouth, offering unforgettable taste sensations. Every praline is a small work of art, perfect for a moment of sweet pleasure. |

Golden Thoughts is a set that combines natural products and exquisite treats, creating a perfect composition for a gift for a loved one. The wooden box adds elegance to the whole and emphasizes the uniqueness of the set. Make yourself or someone special happy and enjoy a moment of luxury with our Golden Thoughts set.

Availability: All year

• Canned cucumbers Prestige (350g)
• Olive Oil Beneolive 250ml
• Milk chocolate pralines Feletti (85g) or Pralines in a bag Bostani Rose raspberry (120g)
• Lime honey Miody Polskie in a box (40g)
• Wooden box with a lid

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