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Winter afternoons can sometimes be gray and sleepy. Cheer up your loved one by giving them our special gift from Flower Mail®.

This aesthetically pleasing gift will include the selected products themselves. Not only will you find chocolate-covered cherries and nuts but also some Scottish specialties! The winter twilight figures include the iconic buttery Walkers cookies and Chelton leaf tea. It doesn't end there - the wooden box also comes with a genuine Irish Bushmills Black Rush whiskey!

Bring your loved one some joy. This gift will also make a great Christmas present!

Whiskey Busmills Black Rush 40% (0. 7l) is a unique composition of malt whiskey matured in Oloroso Sherry barrels and with sweet grain whiskey. This makes the composition have rich fruity notes, and its intense character balances wonderfully with mildness.
The whiskies that make up Bushmills Black Bush are matured in barrels for a minimum of 7-8 years.

Availability: All year

• Herbata Riston English Breakfast Tea 100 g CZERWONA
• Hazelnuts straciatella in white chocolate Delimaro ™ (100g)
• Cherry in chocolate Delimaro™ (100g)
• Drops Cavendish & Harvey ice (175g)
• Walkers butter biscuits (150g)
• Whiskey Bushmills Black Bush 40% (0.7l)
• Large wooden box with a lid or Skrzynka drewniana z wiecziem przypalana

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