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Winter Wreath is an extremely charming holiday decoration that adds the magic of winter climate to your home. Made of fir branches, this decorative wreath is perfect for the Christmas season, adding warmth and ambience to the interior.

The wreath consists of densely braided fir branches, which gives it an elegant and characterful look. The decoration of pinecones and hawthorns gives the garland a natural and authentic look. Cones, the symbol of winter, add contrast and texture, while hawthorn twigs bring an element of color and additional ornament.
In the central part of the wreath are placed bells, which add not only decorative charm, but also introduce the sounds of the festive time. Ringtones are an excellent accent that attracts attention and creates a festive atmosphere.

Winter wreath is not only a door decoration, but also a unique decorative element that can decorate any place in the house. Its wintry character makes it a perfect fit for the holidays, adding charm and magic to any interior. It's the perfect way to welcome winter and celebrate the magical time of Christmas.

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wieniec z jodłą, szyszkami, głogiem i dzwonkami

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