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When choosing a gift for such a special person as dad, it is worth making sure that it is something special. Choosing the right gift can leave a dream for many children. Carefully selected, unique gifts will bring a smile to dad's face not only on this special day, but also long afterwards. It has been known for a long time that the most exciting are surprise gifts. You can surprise the best dad in the world many times at a time. This unique gift includes extraordinary, luxurious sweets, aromatic coffees, delicious tea and a stronger drink. The whole thing looks stylish and exclusive. The gift can also be accompanied by a ticket with personal wishes.

The product does not contain a basket, it is packed directly in a suitable cardboard box.

Availability: All year

• Riston Rasavat Black Tea 25 sachets (50g) or Riston tea Forest Berries 25 sachets (50g)
• Instant coffee Delimaro™ 100% Arabica Brasil (100g)
• Chocolates AnthoBerg Plum in Madeira (220g) or Chocolates AnthoBerg Blueberry in vodka (220g)
• Coffee beans Delimaro™ 100% Arabica Brasil Santos (250g)
• Chocolate pralines Excelcium Black (180g)
• Truffles Excelcium cocoa (150g) or Belgian Cupido Chocolate Truffles with cream filling "Creme Truffles" (175g)
• Vodka Chłopska Pędzona cherry 32% (0.5l)

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