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Milka coffee set is a perfect gift for lovers of sweets and aromatic coffee. In the elegant basket you will find not only unique delicacies from Milka, but also high-quality coffee beans, which perfectly blends with delicate and intense flavours of chocolate.

This set includes:
Alpine Milk Milka with cream flavor - classic milk chocolate Milka, whose delicate cream flavor melts in the mouth, providing extraordinary pleasure.
Delicje Milka with orange flavor - light biscuits with a unique orange filling, covered with creamy Milka chocolate, which will transport you to sunny gardens full of fresh fruit.
Milka Choco Brownie - intensely chocolate brownie enriched with pieces of Milka chocolate, which melt in the mouth, providing a unique taste sensation.
Pieguski Milka - cookies with pieces of delicious Milka chocolate, which are perfect sweets for any occasion.
Milka LOOP Cookie - crispy cookies with Milka chocolate pieces that will delight you with their intense flavor and crispy texture.
Milka Tender Moo - delicate, fluffy cookies with Milka chocolate pieces. Each cookie is shaped like a fox.
Delimaro coffee beans - high quality coffee beans, which will delight with its intense aroma and rich taste, perfectly blending with the delicate sweets of chocolate.

Milka coffee set is not only a combination of unique flavors, but also an invitation to relax and enjoy the moment. Let every sip of coffee and every bite of sweets be a moment of relaxation and joy for you.

Availability: All year

• Pieguski Milka Cookies (135g)
• Milka Alpejskie Mleczko Happy Cow with cream flavor (330g)
• Tender Moo Milka (140g)
• Cookie Loop Milka (132g)
• Cookies Choco Jaffa Milka (147g)
• Choco Brownie Milka (150g)
• Coffee beans Delimaro™ 100% Arabica Brasil Santos (250g)
• Wicker basket

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