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Immerse yourself in authentic Polish flavours with our new set - Homely basket - is the perfect set for anyone who misses traditional specialties or wants to discover real local flavours.

In the elegant basket you will find carefully selected products:
Koneser Vodka - a unique vodka with a distinctive taste, perfect for traditional Polish dishes.
Pickled cucumbers - crispy and aromatic, excellent as an appetizer or addition to main dishes.
Lard - a delicious, homemade lard, which goes well with crispy bread and pickled cucumbers.
Pickled mushrooms - carefully selected and marinated mushrooms that will enrich every dish with a unique, forest aroma.
Chilli cucumbers - spicy cucumbers with the addition of chilli, which will surprise with their spicy taste and add clarity to any meal.

Homely basket is a perfect gift for different occasions, from birthdays to holidays, as well as a perfect way to emphasize special moments among loved ones. Allow yourself a moment of memories and enjoy traditional flavours that never go out of fashion.

Availability: All year

• Cucumbers with Chili Bacówka (220g) or Green pepper paste Bacówka (195g)
• Pickled cucumbers in a jar Bacówka (900g)
• Lard from Bacówka pantry (180g)
• Pork kabanos sausages in a tube Bacówka (200g) or Dry Krakowska sausage in a tube (230g)
• Marinated brown boletus Bacówka (250g)
• Vodka Koneser 2022 (0,7l)
• Wicker basket dark

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