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The Christmas Eve table, apart from the delicious dishes prepared especially for this day, is a symbol. A symbol of love, joy and forgiveness.
It is at this table that the quarrels are quiet and everyone wants the best. The Christmas dress located in the center of this magical place should be truly unique. Make your loved ones' eyes shine like stars in a firmament on this special day! The composition of centrepiece Firmament is a cypress bathed in the rain of snowflakes. It is accompanied by many Christmas symbols - twigs, cones, bark and baubles. All this is composed with charming floral accessories, but the most important part of the composition will remain a candle, which is a symbol of human life.

Availability: All year

Composition: natural fir, candles, cones, bauble, Christmas decorations

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11.04.2018.yr Oskar
My friend was delighted with the centrepiece
17.12.2017.yr Leo
Nice christmas flower arrangement
17.12.2017.yr Lewis

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