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Winter makes the world turn into a snowy land. . . what do we associate this wonderful time with? With the warmth of wool socks, making a snowman, the smell of tangerines, but most of all with family. Give your loved one a special gift this winter time

In a wicker basket, the recipient will find delicious goodies - perfect for a warming cup of tea. In addition to an elegant chocolate box and chocolate-covered nuts, the basket includes crispy cookies in a tin with a winter theme. The whole thing is completed with orange-flavored sticks and chocolate figurines in the shape of snowmen. All this makes this basket an ideal gift for both an elderly person but also for children.

Green spruce branches are only a decorative element of the photo.

Availability: All year

• Danish butter cookies Jacobsen "Nostalgic Santa" in a can (150g)
• Hazelnuts in chocolate with coffee Doti (100g)
• Premium chocolate box Jakobsen (225g)
• Carletti Orange chocolate sticks (75g)
• Wicker basket

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