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Sweet Whisper is a heavenly basket full of delicacy that evokes taste emotions and tempts the senses with its unique charm. This exquisite set is a tribute to love through the most exquisite flavors and aromas.

Jakobsen candy bowl is elegance and excellent taste, providing a real treat for the palate.
Canned biscuits are not only a delicious pleasure, but also an elegant addition that enriches this culinary journey.
White chocolate almonds with coconut Doti are small pieces of paradise that combine the crunchiness of almonds, the sweetness of white chocolate and exotic coconut.
Spice cookies add notes of warmth and coziness, and strawberry landrynki bring the freshness and sweetness of a fruity whisper.
White chocolate with raspberry Cachet is the quintessence of delicacy and intense taste of raspberries, creating unforgettable sensations for lovers of sweetness.
Excelcium raspberry chocolates are another unique element of this set, which harmonizes wonderfully with other flavor accents.
Strawberry-flavoured Cavendish Landrynki are a sweet and expressive touch at the very end of the feast.

Sweet Whisper is not only a collection of delicacies, but also a sophisticated expression of feelings. The perfect gift for special occasions that will take you to the world of sweets, aromas and love whispers. Enjoy the moment together with this loving set.

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Availability: All year

• Chocolate Cachet IN LOVE (100g)
• Jacobsen Valentine's Day cookies (150g)
• Ginger biscuits Nyakers Oryginal (150g)
• White chocolate almonds with coconut Doti (100g)
• Raspberry chocolates Choc & Plus Excelcium (107g)
• Premium chocolate box Jakobsen (225g)
• Cavendish & Harvey Drops strawberry (175g)
• Wicker basket

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