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Fruit box with Goldwasser is an exclusive set that combines unique fruits, luxurious vodka and a sensual combination of cashew nuts in chocolate with a delicate touch of chilli. It is a real treat for the palate and senses, enclosed in a stylish wooden box.

In this flavorful composition there are grapes, pomegranate, mango, lemon, apple, avocado, lime and tangerine. Each of the fruits has been carefully selected to provide maximum freshness, juiciness and richness of taste. This is a palette of flavours that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.
The box also contains Goldwasser vodka, known for its unique composition containing real gold flakes. This luxurious spicy vodka is the perfect complement to the fruity experience, adding elegance and unique character.
An additional element of this exclusive set are cashews in chilli chocolate. It is an unusual combination of sweetness, crispness of nuts and delicate sharpness of chilli, which will stimulate the senses and sharpen the appetite for more flavors.

A fruit box with Goldwasser is not only a collection of flavours, but also a sophisticated gift that is perfect as a gift for different occasions, from anniversaries to special gatherings. It is a combination of luxury, freshness and flavours that will surely be appreciated by lovers of unique culinary experiences.

Availability: All year

Wódka Goldwasser z płatkami 22-23-karatowego złota 38% (0,5l)
Orzechy nerkowca w czekoladzie z chilli Doti (100g)
Granat (1szt.)
Awokado (1szt)
Mango (1szt.)
Cytryna (2szt.)
Mandarynka (2 szt.)
Limonka (1szt.)
Winogrono (1szt.)
Jabłko zielone (1szt.)
Drewniana skrzynka

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