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Alpine Pleasure is a unique set that takes you on a journey through extraordinary flavours. In the elegant basket you will find a carefully selected selection of delicacies that will delight your palate and provide unforgettable taste sensations.

This set includes:
Alpine Milk Milka with cream flavor - classic milk chocolate Milka, whose delicate cream flavor melts in the mouth, providing extraordinary pleasure.
Delicje Milka with orange flavor - light biscuits with a unique orange filling, covered with creamy Milka chocolate, which will transport you to sunny gardens full of fresh fruit.
Milka Choco Brownie - intensely chocolate brownie enriched with pieces of Milka chocolate, which melt in the mouth, providing a unique taste sensation.
Pieguski Milka - cookies with pieces of delicious Milka chocolate, which are perfect sweets for any occasion.
Milka LOOP Cookie - crispy cookies with Milka chocolate pieces that will delight you with their intense flavor and crispy texture.
Milka Tender Moo - delicate, fluffy cookies with Milka chocolate pieces. Each cookie is shaped like a fox.
Cashew nuts in Chocolate with Chilla Doti - cashew nuts, wrapped in chocolate with the addition of spicy chilli, which combine sweetness and light sharpness.
Almonds in White Chocolate with Coconut Doti - crunchy almonds, covered with sweet white chocolate and sprinkled with coconut that will transport you to sunny beaches and holiday relaxation.

Alpine Pleasure is not only a set of sweets, but also a journey through the most delicious corners of the Alps, which will provide you with unforgettable taste sensations and wonderful moments full of joy and smile.

Availability: 10.01 - 20.05

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