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Order the gift with delivery on 12/02 or 13/02 and be sure that your surprise will arrive on time! Be one step ahead of everyone! Order gift with a bouquet and enjoy delivery on 14th February!

Heart on a sleeve refers to helpfulness and kindness that you can show to another person. That is why Heart on a sleeve is a unique Valentine's Day gift for a loved one - also in a non-alcoholic version! Sometimes you want to thank the other person for his goodness and the love he has given you, and it is impossible to express it with words alone. In these cases, especially on Valentine's Day, you have the opportunity to make a nice gesture. Poczta Kwiatowa® has prepared a unique Valentine's Day gift Heart on a sleeve - alcohol-free . It is a set full of love, sweetness and delicious wine.

Michel Schneider is a German non-alcoholic wine with aromas of dark cherries, black currant and blackberries with notes of violets and black pepper. These wines use the most modern method of alcohol removal, thanks to which the obtained wine retains its original taste and colour. The wine is dedicated mainly to drivers, pregnant women, people on a diet and vegetarians and vegans. Make a surprise for your loved ones and send them this fancy gift.

Chocolate rose in this set was wholly made from edible ingredients like white chocolate with aromas and colors. Thankfully of our receipt, you can enjoy the beautiful taste, the color of rose’s flakes, and sweet & fruity flavor. Remember to stock the rose below 25 degrees.

Make a surprise for your loved ones and send them this unusual set of delicacies.

Orders which are paid for before 12 o'clock will be delivered the next, working day. Orders within the borders of the city of Warsaw can be delivered the same day, as long as they are confirmed over the phone.Orders are fulfilled within 24 hours.

Availability: All year

Michel Schneider non-alcoholic red wine (0,7l)
Chocolate Felleti Momenti del Cuore (150g)
Delimaro chocolate rose
Raffaello pralines (150g)
Milk Heart Lindt chocolate pralines (187g)
2 x Sorini heart chocolate (100g)
wicker basket

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